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Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War
I will try to express some quick thoughts on the film without delving into any spoilers since it just came out. It was the culmination of 10 years of Marvel building up to a single moment and honestly it was worth it. If this was the end of the franchise I'd honestly be happy. The effects and score were always on point and for a film that included so many different characters, most of them had their time in the spotlight.

The big players

Through this one and Ragnarok, Thor has been turned into a much bigger character in the MCU than he was just a few months earlier and the series of events we have witnessed make him one of the more likeable characters out there. Stark's role proves to be pivotal and I have a feeling his screw ups are about to lead him to redemption in the Infinity War sequel. Rogers on the other hand doesn't get as much screen time, which I expect will change in the sequel since we also need to get some closure on Civil War and the feud between him and Stark. Brolin does an amazing job with Thanos, who gets a lot of face time here. Credit to the writers for presenting the character in a great way, especially given his complexity, and giving him a very humane and logical side that you rarely ever see in a villain.

The "secondary" players
Strange gives a great performance and his cold and calculated style mixes in with his wit to provide a great counterpart to Stark. His major decision during the film was no doubt the key to the sequel itself although at the time it must have confused several viewers. Star Lord gives his usual comedic relief (especially during the unilateral pissing contest with Thor), but his arc is an important one and we see him change as a character significantly during the events of the film. It seemed like they tried to elevate him to the same level as most of the A-listers but for me he is just not there yet. His story arc however, along with Gamora's (since the two are actually intertwined) are the most interesting parts of the film. Finally, Spiderman reaches the final part of his growing up stage, again through this father-figure relationship with Stark, and his constant attempt for approval within the Avengers. Probably the most emotional scene stems out of this relationship and the effect was on point. Vision and Scarlet which, although part of another big chunk or the story, felt a bit more isolated that the rest, as their arc revolved mostly around themselves. Don't get me wrong, it was a very important role they played, but at times it felt a bit disconnected.

The rest
It is absolutely normal that even in a film that is 2.5 hours long, not everyone is going to get their fair share of the spotlight because of the sheer volume of characters. We see little of Hulk, more from Banner, but the overall feeling is he is just there and nothing more. The same can be stated for Black Widow, Bucky and War Machine, while Black Panther's time is actually allocate to the whole of Wakanda which was a pretty decent thing to do. The rest of the Guardians as well as Nebula get enough time but they don't really make as much of an impact as the rest. Finally, Thano's children play the part of the indie band that's opening for the main event, which is kind of a shame, because their fate was determined and it didn't suit their true potential.

In general
The film does everything the MCU is well known for very well, with the extra element of doing it when the stakes have literally never been higher and with almost 20 movies of emotional investment from its followers. The overall result is very good and the decision to go with the ending they chose showed a lot of balls. The problem was that this kind of felt like an empty gesture, even while it was happening, because we already know a lot of information about the future of the franchise as well as the existence of a direct sequel to this story. This made what was supposed to be a gut wrenching effect feel a lot less real and sort of took away a lot from the experience overall.

If a lot of the events described in this mini-review don't make a lot of sense, it is because I desperately tried to keep it spoiler-free so vagueness was essential.