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Big (1988)
Director: Penny Marshall
Writers: Gary Ross, Anne Spielberg
Cast: Tom Hanks, Elizabeth Perkins, Robert Loggia
Genre: Comedy, Drama

Tom Hanks gets BIG in this 1988 hit comedy directed by Penny Marshall of Laverne & Shirley fame. The premise is simple but it works...Tom Hanks is a boy who wishes he was big and an evil looking carnival game genie grants him his wish.

The humor comes from how a 13 year old boy would cope in the adult world? The answer, he gets a kick ass job at a toy manufacture company and gets a hot babe as a love interest too. Which then begs the question, does a 13 year old boy in a man's body constitute abuse when an adult woman sleeps with him???

Hey! it's the 80's and no one is overly uptight about that kind of stuff. But I wonder if this film could be made in today's climate?

OK, so did I like it? Yuppers! This was a fun flick and I laughed out loud which is always a good thing!

Tom Hanks always delivers in his movies and in his younger days he cornered the market on nice guy comedies. I liked Elizabeth Perkins here too. It was interesting how she goes from wearing severe black/charcoal gray business suit/skirt outfits, to having a more lighter feel in softer colors and fabrics. I don't know why I noticed that but I just did.

Penny Marshal made a good one here!