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Certain Women (2016)

Director: Kelly Reichardt
Writers: Kelly Reichardt (screenplay by), Maile Meloy (story)
Cast: Michelle Williams, Kristen Stewart, Laura Dern
Genre: Anthology Drama

This had no story, no plot....and if those things are important to you, I doubt you would like it...But I enjoyed it.

I thought this indie film was fresh and different. It's totally laid back film making, without the usual fancy cinema tricks, glorious orchestral sound track or spoon-feed emotions. I call it honest film making, and it's not for everyone.

Director, editor, writer Kelly Reichardt known for her previous films Meeks Cutoff & Wendy and Lucy, gets up close and personal, as we follow three women who live in rural Montana. The movie is an anthology of their three different stories. Shown consecutively, no flash backs or inter-cuts (which is also refreshing.)

There's cinematic drama in the first one with Laura Dern as a lawyer who has a disgruntled and dangerous client. That's the most accessible story for a general audience.

The second one with Michelle Williams shows a family with some tensions. I didn't care for this one as much, but in another way this one seemed like watching someones real life. So that's cool.

The third was quietly odd with Kristen Stewart as a overworked law graduate who takes on a teaching assignment that requires her to commute 8 hours round trip. Lily Gladstone is a curious young woman who shows up unannounced in her class. She's a ranch hand who follows Kristen around town and seems to want something. Why? I don't know.

There's no answers in Certain Women, only observations, thank goodness.