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Great work by Harvey Keitel and Tim Roth, Reservoir Dogs is an excellent screenplay. I'd have added a little more dimension to one or two of the characters as they were fun and
differentiated, but not very human (past quirkiness). Roth and Keitel escape that problem, mainly by really pouring themselves into the roles. It pays off. Keitel's maternal qualities beautifully outlined the irony of the piece. Overall, a terriffic first showing from director, Quentin Tarentino. I was very impressed.

Tarentino consistently, in all his films, makes great use of music. In this case, we have very creepy use of "Stuck In The Middle With You", and the one over the closing credits about "how can I cure this bellyache". It's reminiscent of Lynch using "Loveletter Straight to Your Heart" in Blue Velvet. When Hallmark used that song the following season, I nearly screamed.

The plot itself could hardly be thinner. They were showing interview clips during the commercial breaks and QT said the idea for the movie came from watching "The Thing", as the characters in that movie are locked together and have to determine which of them is the enemy. I agree that it could be a little more fleshed out, but it did hold my interest all the way through. It's a pretty classic example of a guy talking up a tag line and getting a film out of it. Tarantino knew how the game is played.

I was impressed with the way violence is handled in this. I appreciate the imagination on fx because I've done a few and have a hard time not getting jarred out of the story when the blood is the wrong consistancy or whatever. One of my favorite things was Mr Pink running outside and the rest of his story is told as sound effects under the final scene between Roth and Keitel. So cool.