The Cabin in the Woods   4/15/12
by SamsoniteDelilah
Just as early on though, were shown that there is more going on here: everything is monitored by a small team of white coats, watching from a control room.

Hamlet (2009)   8/12/11
by SamsoniteDelilah
This is the best thing to happen to Hamlet since... well, not a lot good happens to Hamlet, so this is on a really short list.

Get Carter   3/01/08
by SamsoniteDelilah
Overall, [I]Get Carter[/I] is not going in my favorites list, but Iím glad I finally sat down and watched this one. For its time, it was no doubt very slick.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street   12/22/07
by SamsoniteDelilah
The art direction is really wonderful. The palatte of drab stark contrasts and occasional flashes of red, red blood are beautiful and create an otherworldly ambiance.

Bee Movie   10/19/07
by SamsoniteDelilah
Iíve missed a few animated features in my day, and Iím ok with that, but this one is well worth seeing. Itís got a great message, for one thing, but the big reason is: itís got some great laughs.

Wordplay   2/19/07
by SamsoniteDelilah
Director Patrick Creadonís camera seems to magically be in the right place to capture some of the most dramatic moments in crossword tournament history.

In the Mood for Love   5/24/06
by SamsoniteDelilah
This is the filmic equivalent of chocolate... Wong Kar-Wei's valentine to romance itself captures beautifully that feeling of wanting to be in love.

Genghis Blues   1/07/06
by SamsoniteDelilah
Genghis Blues is the story of blues musician Paul Pena and his musical pilgrimage to the Republic of Tuva, in 1995.

Buffalo '66   11/19/05
by SamsoniteDelilah
While the film is mostly about Billy's journey and the choices he has to make, the relationship with Layla offers some thought-provoking questions, if you feel like waxing reflective.

Crash   11/10/05
by SamsoniteDelilah
The film was shot on digital video, and there are scenes where, on a large screen, I missed film.

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