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Phantom of the Paradise

Phantom Of The Paradise 1974
(Rocky Horror Picture Show Meets Phantom Of The Opera)
Starring William Finley as Winslow/The Phantom & Paul Williams as Swan
Introducing Jessica Harper as Phoenix

About The Film:
The story is about a songwriter called Winslow is playing one of his songs “Faust” at some open mic show when his music is overheard by the famous music producer Swan who wants to use Window’s song for the opening of his paradise but without Winslow. Swan ends up tricking Winslow into thinking that he will produce his song and make him famous instead he does the reverse and even gets Winslow put into jail. Sometime after Winslow overhears his song being heard on the radio and it drives him made, he breaks out of jail and heads to the record office with plans to destroy all copies of his song sadly this backfires and causes Winslow to get caught in the middle of his destroying and leaves him scarred for life. Winslow confronts Swan and swears to kill him but Swan tries to tell Winslow he has changed and he will start to do Window’s music his way as long as Winslow promise to rewrite his music for Swans paradise grand opening But once Winslow learns that Swan has tricked him again he sets out for revenge and becomes The Phantom Of The Paradise.

JD's Thoughts:
I must start by saying this is my favorite Phantom based movie out of them all I even have the soundtrack for this movie YEAH!. I to begin with left this movie alone and didn’t want to see it and its really dumb but I think it had something to do with the fact it was like Rocky Horror and I am not a big fan of that film. So I one day downloaded it and watched it and I was so amazed by this movie that I wanted to own a copy but that turned out harder than I thought.
The film is a work of art really some parts don't make sense, to be honest, a person that isn't a fan of Phantom Of The Opera would have a hard time working it out, My mate Ben did lol
I love the music in this film my two favourite songs a “Faust” n Phantom's Theme” and I must admit I like Swans version of “Faust” better (However that is only on the soundtrack) most of the music in this movie was written by Paul Williams who also does the singing voice for The Phantom. The other thing that should get some credit is that “Bird” like a mask like how original is that let's get rid of the half or full white mask and give our Phantom a bird mask with one eye hole? I LOVE it.
Quick note on Jessica Harper this was her first film role and I think this is the best way to start out your film career, her agent could not have picked a better film and I am kind of in love with her singing voice like WOW I've had both her songs on repeat quite a lot too. Now a quick note about William Finley he does play a duel role but until the last scene, I'm not 100% sure that it's him under that mask? Who knows.
I need to say every Phan needs to see this film and if you haven't already I hope my review has made you think twice about what Phantom Of The Opera film you should be adding to your collection. Also if you buy the DVD you need to get the Soundtrack too coz both make for an amazing experience.