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Logan (2017)


All I can say is this is the standalone Wolverine movie I wanted, it's miles ahead of the other two, that's for sure. Now, why'll I wouldn't say I would rank this nearly as high as The Dark Knight, my favorite superhero film, I get why a lot of people are bringing that one up, it definitely does something pretty different than what we expect from a comic book film these days. Well, some of it. My favorite part of the movie is Wolverine himself, his characterization is just so on point in this one. This movie also succeeds by allowing itself to slow down, and have some genuine character moments. This is still a crowd pleasing action film however, it doesn't completely break the mold, and it's more familiar traits are presented in a way that's pretty typical for the genre. There's a villain in charge of an evil organization, Logan has to stop them from getting the child, action ensues. Don't get me wrong, it's just as entertaining as any other recent superhero film, and the action is a bloody, chaotic delight, this is why we wanted that R rating. It's sometimes done in the way I was complaining about in my thoughts about John Wick Chapter 2 where they use a lot of shortcuts to film the action, but I come to expect that, and it's still very cool regardless. I also appreciate how much smaller this film is compared to something like Avengers, or Batman v Superman.We're not always in the heart of a big city. I love a good CG rumble, with creatures filling up the entire screen, but sometimes a few guys with guns is all we need.

I could go on, but I'll close out by saying this is a well acted, well written, well directed tribute to the series that earns all of the big emotional moments it goes for. Like Deadpool, I was thrilled to see something that feels so separated from other comic book films, and even the franchises they're part of. I love an ongoing comic book series, but sometimes I just really want to read a good graphic novel in the middle of all of it. It's also a message that superhero movies can be something more than connected universes, and big visual wonders, by the series that started the whole superhero movie craze 17 years ago, funny enough. It proves that we come to see these movies not just for the spectacle, or the action, but for the character. It's all about the character.