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Review #8: Mr. Nobody (2009)

A couple of days ago, I watched 2009's Mr. Nobody starring Jared Leto and written and directed by Jaco Van Dormael, and next I'm going to try and synopsize this film and miserably fail because it's just way too much.

Leto plays a boy named Nemo who's parents have divorced, therefore he has to choose with who he wants to stay, and he has to do so before his mother gets on a train and leaves. The 8 year old literally has less than a minute to decide with who he should go, which bothered me, because why would the parents enforce this kind of decision on their child while he has such a small amount of time, and if they did actually bother to ask him before all of this then why would the mother recklessly go on a train knowing that her child still hasn't made a decision. Awful parents.

The movie is basically a walking talking Schrödinger's cat theory, it explores both possibilities (staying with his father/mother) and all the different outcomes that would stem from those two decisions, while teasing us with reality, and what he really has decided.

My issue with the film is that it goes beyond just the above, and crams in endless ideas in just one movie, and it feels really heavy and I didn't like that, not to mention the film is already over two hours long.

A lot of things they do in this film is way too confusing, and it's not like I usually have an issue with that (in fact one of my favourite films is Enemy) but this time it feels as if they're throwing puzzle pieces at you of five completely different puzzles and they're asking you to assemble everything up. There are quite a few concepts in this film that just annoyed me and made me scream "WHY!?" in my head.

What I absolutely despised is the ending, and the "big reveal", I don't want to spoil anything but for me it made the whole film pointless.

And no, I didn't just hate this film, there are a lot of things I enjoyed a lot about it and wished they would have explored even more such as Nemo's life with each of his love interests in his alternate realities, I actually felt pretty invested in those story arcs. The directing in this film is incredible, there is a lot of great camera work that amazed me. The acting as well is really good, Jared Leto did a phenomenal job and so did the supporting actors (especially Toby Regbo and Sarah Polley). But all of this still can't overshadow my problems with the movie.

I wanted to like Mr. Nobody so bad, but I would be lying to you if I said I did. There are a lot of things to enjoy but double the amount to dislike which left me quite disappointed by the end of the film and that is why I'm going to give this a B-