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Old Joy (2006)
Director: Kelly Reichardt
Writers: Jonathan Raymond, Kelly Reichardt
Cast: Daniel London, Will Oldham
Genre: Drama

About: Two friends who get together and head off for a camping trip in Oregon's Cascade Mountains.

Review: Strangely effective. Nothing actual ever happens, yet thanks to brilliant camera framing and long scene takes, the film flows like a cool mountain river. Seriously, all we see is two old friends who meet up and take a long road trip to go camping in the deep woods...that's it.

They don't really say or do anything poignant but thanks to the camera work and editing, the movie still seems to have more interest than a lot of bigger budget films.

Director Kelly Reichardt
is known for her subtle direction in such movies as Meek's Cutoff (2010) and Certain Women (2016). Here in Old Joy she shows us the quiet moments that go to make up one's life.

I found the scenery of the Oregon country side as shot out of a car window, beautiful. I even spotted a place I had been. Then there's the deep woods of the Pacific Northwest which has it's own charm and quiet beauty. You know Quiet Beauty would have been another good title for this film.

While I enjoyed Meek's Cutoff much more, this movie is in the experimental field of film making. I liked it enough to want to see more of the director's films.