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Man of Steel

48. Man of Steel

Perhaps the most divisive film that will appear on this list, I am one of the people out there that really loved Man of Steel (and on the subject I actually like Batman vs Superman too, though not as much, hence it won't appear on this list). Zack Snyder's take on Superman's origin is very well done in my opinion. Snyder, despite his flaws with narrative, is a director I definitely appreciate for his skill and unique style with visuals. Man of Steel is a beautifully shot film. I also really appreciated the way they presented the Superman character. He's not just superman, he's Clark Kent first. He's just a guy from Kansas who wants to do the right thing. The fact that he has godlike powers isn't the defining trait of his character.

One of the key flaws that people have with this movie is the overwhelming destruction in the final action sequence. And while I do think that final sequence was a bit longer than it needed to be, I still loved it, as it was a visual spectacle, and the destruction made sense for the story, you're dealing with the two most powerful beings earth has ever seen, collateral damage is to be expected, and if Superman hadn't fought to stop him, the result would have been even worse. More to the point, however, is that this Superman isn't the Superman that has been at it for a long time, he literally had learned to fly a few days before and had never fought a being like Zod (who was bred trained to be the perfect warrior). Superman was barely in control of himself, still learning what he could truly do with his powers and learning how far he'd have to go to stop Zod (ultimately dealing with a crushing moral decision of choosing to save a family at the expense of Zod, a reasonable choice but also a poignant one, as he chooses humanity over his own race).

I understand why some people don't like this movie, it's not for everyone, but it really spoke to me and what I wanted out of a fresh interpretation of the Superman character. I'm a huge fan of the comics and this lived up to my expectations personally. Snyder's movies are always divisive but I am a fan of this one especially. Henry Cavill truly embodies the role of Superman and I'm very excited to see where the DC universe will go with Justice League and the inevitable revival of Superman.

It's the type of movie I've liked more and more with every rewatch, and will never hesitate to tune in when I see it while flipping channels.