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Written on the Wind

Written on the Wind

Director: Douglas Sirk
Writers: George Zuckerman(screenplay), Robert Wilder(based on the novel)
Cast: Rock Hudson, Lauren Bacall, Robert Stack, Dorthy Malone
Genre: Melodrama
Length: 1h 39min

An ultra rich playboy (Robert Stack) who's heir to the families oil business, spends his days drinking and womanizing...and...living in envy of his best friend (Rock Hudson). His best friend secretly loves the woman the playboy wants to marry (Lauren Bacall). Meanwhile the playboy's sister (Dorthy Malone) is a wild nymphomaniac who has eyes for the hard working and sincere best friend (Rock Hudson).

Rock Hudson looks concerned when his best friend, Robert Stack purposes marriage
to the woman he secretly loves, Lauren Bacall.

Review: The 1950s were full of these melodramatic films and director Douglas Sirk was at the forefront of the genre. Sirk gave us such films as: Magnificent Obsession (1954), All That Heaven Allows (1955), Imitation of Life (1959). Written on the Wind features a love quadrangle between Robert Stack, Lauren Bacall, Rock Hudson and Dorothy Malone. It seems everybody loves somebody in this film but the love is one way. Originally the director had wanted Robert Stack's character to be secretly gay with a crush on Rock Hudson (who plays a straight male in the movie.) All of this might sound soap opera-ish but it's done in sensible way.

Dorothy Malone is the rich spoiled girl who can never get enough.

Like most of Douglas Sirk's films, this looks beautiful. It's richly appointed with decadent 50s modern styles. From the sheik cars to the sheik woman, this film is eye candy.

Douglas Sirk is an under seen director, that made unique films.