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Another Year

Another Year (2010) - Mike Leigh -

I'm not really sure much needs to be said about a Mike Leigh film, if you've seen one and liked it there's a good chance you will like another and likewise conversely if one wasn't to your taste.

Another Year is imo another solid bittersweet slice-of-life offering from the director though I did find the character of son Joe's girlfriend, Katie, was a little too similar to aspects of Poppy from immediate predecessor Happy-Go-Lucky.

Personally I found this by far the hardest of his films thus far to watch as the character Mary (played by the adorable Lesley Manville) is a little too close for comfort to that of a good friend of mine who was eventually sadly lost to this world at far too young an age - but that is to Leigh's credit as while a few of his characters may feel slightly exaggerated sometimes they are all, to one extent or another, generally rooted in reality.

I may never be able to watch this particular film again myself but I certainly wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to others that have liked previous films of Mike Leigh.