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The Host (2013) - Andrew Niccol -

Sci-fi/drama that feels like it is primarily aimed at the teen market so no real surprise to subsequently find it is based on a novel written by none other than the author of the 'Twilight' series. With Earth having to all extents and purposes been taken over by a parasitic alien race the story revolves around what happens after one of the few remaining humans (played by Saoirse Ronan) that have not as yet succumbed to the invaders is finally caught.

The opening scenes of this movie did not bode well, an unconvincing action scene, some pretty poor dialogue and a little lame cgi, that belies it's budget, doing nothing to really draw me into it's world. Thankfully though we soon get an insight into what will be the crux of the film and even though the execution is a little off-putting at first the concept of a human being trapped inside their own body and only able to communicate internally is one that will always instil a level of interest for me.

Imdb classifies this partly as an adventure and I guess it is of sorts but those looking for a fast-paced affair or oodles of action scenes won't find either here - at it's heart this is a tale of romance, morality and the human spirit which uses sci-fi as the vehicle by which to tell it.

There were no major problems with the acting but the script/story is a little twee at times while some of the sets aren't really very convincing and the very final scene is just atypically Hollywood and imo unnecessary.

All-in-all it's an ok film that imo could have been much better were it a little more adult but I don't think I was really the target audience.