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The Glass Bottom Boat

The Glass Bottom Boat (1966) - This movie was not on my schedule, but it aired on Turner Classic Movies, so I decided to watch it. I've seen this movie before, so this was a re-watch.

NASA Scientist, Bruce Templeton, (Rod Taylor), is fishing one day when he reels in the bottom half of Jennifer Nelson's, (Doris Day), mermaid costume. Later, when Bruce finds out that Jennifer also works at NASA, he hires her to be his biographer so he can spend more time with her. Bruce recently invented a new formula for duplicating gravity while in outer space, and NASA is taking extra security measures to protect the formula. When people start to think that Jennifer is a spy, things begin to get very complicated for Bruce and Jennifer.

This movie is kind of silly, but it's also very funny. Rod Taylor and Doris Day have great chemistry together, and the supporting cast is excellent. With a supporting cast that includes Paul Lynde, Dom DeLuise, Dick Martin, Arthur Godfrey, George Tobias and Alice Pearce, it's impossible to watch this movie and not laugh. Even the cool gadgets make this movie a fun James Bond spoof. This movie starts off good, and it just gets better and better as it goes on.

This is one of my favorite movies from both Rod Taylor and Doris Day. If you're looking for a good slapstick comedy, watch The Glass Bottom Boat. You won't be disappointed.