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Do the Right Thing

Review #21 - Do The Right Thing:
(Spike Lee, 1989)

Films regarding racial aspects of soceity tend to be cliche and in the end, spread a message which is wholly black and white. Spike Lee doesn't (or rather didn't) have this issue, no side taking here or trying to play his race out as the victim, it's all real to life.

Do The Right Thing is almost like a compliation of episodes, it shows people from all walks of life and doesn't shy away from highlighting their flaws. Akin to Dog Day Afternoon, taking place on a hot summer's day and I must say I duck a film when someone mentions it all happens in one day, it just gives me the notion that the director wasn't ambitious enough and chose to do something small scale and seemingly insignificant. Let me tell you, Do The Right Thing has broken that ignorant thinking of mine, it's truly an amazing film and deeper than ones that stretch across years or decades.

As like a chunk of the director's movies, Do The Right Thing is mostly centered on black people and their actions over the course of a day. Spike Lee chose to use his characters as a vechicle for the story rather than the traditional plot. It's a hard thing to do and I can only think of a few directors who excel in it (Scorsese is probably the best). Anyways, Spike Lee makes it look effortlessly easy and packs his film with lively and colorful personalities, feulled by the stellar actings of the stacked cast. The cinematography is among the most unique I've ever seen, using the hotness of the day to inject color into the environment, stylish and hypnotic.

The Ending happens to be complex, unexpected yet done with a great sense of prowess. For a real perspective on Spike Lee's ingenius creation, you should defintely watch Do The Right Thing for yourself and let the experience take hold. I won't spoil anything but one of the characters had me fooled so bad that I didn't expect what he/she does at a moment in the film, it's huge in the whole story, literally going against the title.

Do The Right Thing avoids typicalites of films similar to itself and doesn't shove the same old tired message down your throat. It's crafted with intellgence and has a take for both sides to enjoy. The characters are extremly likeable and gripping, they're the driving force of the entire film and will keep you watching until the gobsmacking climax.