Big Hero 6   2/15/15
by hello101
The action scenes are wonderfully detailed, microbots as a weapon for the masked antagonist were effective, providing a platform for some of the best destruction in animation or film in general.

Deliverance   2/12/15
by hello101
Most people don't look at this film as one of revolutionary impact, but 60s displayed men of the macho-istic type as the heroes, but never has a mainstream film transformed these same individuals (Burt Reynold's character in your typical embodiment of a man's man as is Ned Beatty's, who's more so co...

Walkabout   2/06/15
by hello101
To sum it all up, Walkabout is a tremendous film with some of the best cinematography to ever grace the silver screen, don't take it for one of style over substance though, it ticks both boxes with a big swish.

War of the Worlds   2/04/15
by hello101
I don't know if that's a fault on the director or actors' part but the film remains just a film because of that very flaw, it never evolves into an EXPERIENCE like most good films do, just a series of moving pictures.

Do the Right Thing   1/25/15
by hello101
Akin to Dog Day Afternoon, taking place on a hot summer's day and I must say I duck a film when someone mentions it all happens in one day, it just gives me the notion that the director wasn't ambitious enough and chose to do something small scale and seemingly insignificant.

Tropic Thunder   1/22/15
by hello101
The cinematography goes unmentioned and thats only normal for a comedy film (when was a comedy ever acclaimed for its visuals?) but the Jungle scenes look very nice (even when its intent is to replicate images from Apocalypse Now and Agurrie, Wrath of God) and the explosions are top-notch, the final...

Nightcrawler   1/21/15
by hello101
I mean its okay but hardly anything great like critics will have you believe, Jake Gyllenhaal's performance is the focal point of the films praises but the problem I had with it and what stopped it from reaching the level of greatness presented in similar films like The King of Comedy was its clear-...

Inherent Vice   1/17/15
by hello101
One of the genres I mentioned was a comedy and that may seem out of place but the film is (unintentionally?) a hilarity ride.

Buffalo '66   1/16/15
by hello101
Vincent Gallo's performance didn't come off as sympathetic but still good from an objective standpoint, besides I don't think they were going for a particularly connective characterisation as the film's tone is clearly downbeat.

The Wrestler   1/16/15
by hello101
I came out with nothing but "wrestling will destroy lives, don't do it" and no matter how good the film is (on a technical level), I just can't forgive the ignorance and lack of research that went into the film.

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