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Directed By: Roland Emmerich

"This thing is much too big to be some lost dinosaur."

Well with the new Godzilla movie just around the corner, I thought I'd give the 1998 movie another shot. The last time we seen Godzilla on the big screen, it was the biggest and most expensive Godzilla movie yet. Ime a huge fan of these types of movies, creature features as some may call them. I love the whole idea and concept of how these movies work. And this years Godzilla has got me more interested, and excited than ever before. It truly looks amazing, and I've read a few teaser reviews that seems to be backing that up.

Fun Movie Trivia:
A tornado disrupted filming in Jersey City on May 6, 1997. The film crew managed to get some footage of the disaster filmed.

A small statue of an alien from "Independence Day" (also directed by Roland Emmerich) is visible in the broadcast booth at Madison Square Garden.

Enough lumber was used for the sets to build 50 homes.
The last time I seen the 1998 Godzilla I was a little disappointed. I remember loving this movie as a child. I seen the movie in the cinema and was so excited, and fascinated, It was like Christmas had come early. Then a couple of weeks ago I re-watched it and was hugely disappointed. Its actually strange how that happens. I remember buying the movie thinking it's a great movie. Then sitting watching it I thought.., is this even the same movie?. This time I found myself thinking it was long, stupid, and I was bored. Damn, sometimes being a kid is cool when you can over look silly stuff and faults with movies.

The thing that makes these movie work is the unknown. The monster (or any other animal) is the main attraction of the movie. And for me less is more. Jaws is such a successful movie because we never really see the Shark. As the movie goes the suspense builds and excitement increases. That's why Jaws is one of the greatest movies ever made. Now, with a movie like Godzilla that concept also has to be applied. We don't need to see the monster, all we need is to know is that it's there. The movie needs to suck us in and build on the suspense. It needs to give us glimpses, or sounds. We need to see that the characters are terrified. We need to see how scared they are and see there reactions. Everything then builds into the unveiling, which the audience our on the edge of there seat waiting for. But, all of the above didn't happen with this movie. We see way to much of Godzilla, and the characters couldn't be less scared if they tried. Seriously, I just couldn't get into to this movie. Everything felt very wooden, and the characters our all annoying as fu**.

Fun Movie Trivia:
The meter of the cab after the final chase sequence reads $95.20. Based on the rates on the side of the cab, this equates to Godzilla chasing the cab for about 60 miles in total.

The extra killed in his car when Godzilla first arrives in Manhattan was cast as a look-alike for J.D. Lees, editor of G-Fan magazine, because he cast disparaging remarks about the information that leaked out about the film prior to its release.

Elevator music in a scene with Matthew Broderick is "Danke Schoen", which Broderick lip-syncs in a memorable scene from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off".
I won't sit and completely pan this movie. There is some really good action scenes. Especially the scenes in where the helicopters are chasing down Godzilla as it runs and smashes through buildings. The movie is big in the sense of action, and it does deliver on a big scale. It's just for me everything else is cheesy, and over the top, and it's just doesn't fit with the movie. I'd love nothing more than to be positive about this movie, but I can't. There are just so many things that I hate and I could sit here all day writing about them. I just can't wait to visit the cinema in 2 weeks, hoping this time they get it right.