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Directed by: Ridley Scott

I can't see a ******* thing.

I decided to give Alien another watch last night. I only seen this movie for the first time a year or so ago, and to be honest it didn't really leave an impression on me. Now, ime not saying Alien is a bad movie, but what I am saying is I think it's very overrated. Out of all the Alien series, I think Aliens and Prometheus are the more entertaining movies. Obvisouly for it's time Alien was very frightening. I can probably see why people would of loved this movie back when it was released. And maybe having only seen this movie recently, it might of took away the experience, and the impact the movie may of made back then. .

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Originally to be directed by Walter Hill, but he pulled out and gave the job to Ridley Scott.
ime not going to write this review based on things I didn't like about the movie. Instead, I'll point out the things I did enjoy, like the visuals. Alien looks fantastic for its time. Obvisouly it doesn't hold up quite well with what's around today, but it's still something I can appreciate. I also loved the suspense towards the end of the movie. Like the scene where the alien bursts out from a body. And when the real horror and screams begin. But what I will say let's this movie down is it's pacing. Everything feels to long, and there's to much time were nothing is happening.

Fun Movie Trivia
Three aliens were made: a model; a suit for seven-footer Bolaji Badejo; and another suit for a trained stunt man.

The models had to be repainted every evening of the shoot because the slime used on-set removed the acrylic paint from their surfaces.
Overall it's not really a bad movie, but I also wouldn't say it was great. It's one of those classics that I think you had to off watched back when it was released like Blade Runner, and The a Exorcist to fully appreciate them.