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Goodfellas: 1990 (R) +1
USA / Warner Brothers
97% (CF)

I actually have Steven Spielberg to thank for my love of Martin Scorsese. Not only was he a fixture of movies throughout my childhood, he was also responsible for three TV shows I loved growing up. Tiny Toons, Freakazoid, and Animaniacs in particular. In this TV show there were various shorts created to be shown during a typical hour hour cartoon period. One of these shorts was a show called Goodfeathers. Three New York pigeons and the various Warner Brother-esque types of adventures.

I took the cartoon short as it was and thought they were funny. At this time I had no idea who Scorsese was or that there was a movie called Goodfellas. But that all changed when the show name dropped Scorsese in an episode that was actually a musical parody of West Side Story.

In this episode the pigeons and the sparrows engage in a fight over who gets to perch on a statue of Martin Scorsese. This was the first time I had ever heard this guy’s name. Sometime later (remember this is pre Internet folks) I learned he was a filmmaker and made a film called “Goodfellas.” And that Goodfeathers was a kid friendly parody version of the film. So when I got old enough, I rented the movie (my first from Martin
Scorsese) from Blockbuster Video at around age twelve. My world was never the same since.

Needless to say this was not meant for kids. I loved it! Profanity, violence, De Niro and Liotta were cool as hell and Pesci acted like a complete psycho! These three guys in one movie plus the excellent story made this an instant classic! As I grew up more and became more schooled in cinema I learned to appreciate other parts of the movie as well. The soundtrack, the storytelling, and especially the shot where Henry and Karen walk through the restaurant to their table in one long uninterrupted shot became much more powerful with a little age. It was my first introduction to my favorite filmmaker of all time. So I would just like to say thanks to Spielberg and his staff for making that possible.