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75. Casino (1995)

I never loved this film as much as I love Goodfellas, because I think Casino is a little less cohesive and perfectly flowing than Scorsese's 1990 crime masterpiece, but that doesn't take away from the fact that this still is one of the coolest and most enjoyable flicks I've ever seen.

Casino is full of Scorsese's trademark vibrant camerawork. Some scenes are absolutely breathtaking and Robert DeNiro (almost) never looked more boss.
I'm also a big fan of films about gambling and the casino world. It's something that interests me and this movie showed me the darker early days of that world when the mob was still in charge of everything.

I will be the first person that acknowledges some of this film's flaws (especially the pace is sometimes inconsistent), but when this film works, it truly hits the target for me. There are many scenes that I like to revisit once in a while, because they're technically so well done and physically so extremely cool to look at. It's really one of the most deliciously stylized films I've witnessed.
I'm also a big Sharon Stone fan and that also helps enjoying this film more, as one of the main criticisms often is that her character is sometimes annoying in this film. I didn't have that problem. I actually thought her character was a very tragic and meaningful addition to this film. The film shows the possibilities of money, but it also shows what materialism can't do. It can't buy you love or happiness.

I think most Scorsese fans pretty much share my opinion about this film. It's no Goodfellas, but it's still one of Scorsese's best films.