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The Artist

82. The Artist (2011)

Many people weren't really happy when this film won the Oscar for Best Picture, because they thought the film merely won, because it was silent. I strongly disagree. This film may have gotten a lot of attention, because it was pretty courageous to make a silent film in these ages, but next to that, The Artist is just a very VERY well made film. It's imbued with love for the classic era of cinema and playfully uses its genre in a whole bunch of very creative and extremely enjoyable scenes.

The film is not only brilliantly executed, but it also pulls the emotional strings in exactly the right way. The great acting performances (from everyone involved, including one of the best performances by an animal I've seen) are accompanied by a delightful musical score and it manages to work just as well as some of cinema's greatest classics.

Personally I'm a big fan of silent films. They are often way more relaxing to watch than films with a lot of dialogue, as they only focus on the eyes. A good silent movie doesn't make you wish for any audible dialogue and this movie did that just right. The images are so physically well done and are so clear that we don't need any explaining, apart from a few title cards.

The Artist is one of the loveliest and most refreshing films of our modern times. It entertains, it touches the heart and it's an amazing tribute to the origins of cinema. Every cinephile should watch it.