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The Thing
Directed by John Carpenter

The Thing is one of my favorite horror films, and in my opinion John Carpenters best. The combination of groundbreaking practical special effects and a great script and cast, make The Thing a true classic. I must have seen the film at least forty times, and every time I've enjoyed it just as much as the first.


After Director John Carpenter screened his completed film, the movie studio insisted that he go back and film a scene where MacReady is in a hospital, explaining how he alone survived. Carpenter had to fight to keep the original ending.
The plot follows a scientific research team stationed in Antarctica, who find an alien creature buried in the antarctic ice. Over the course of the film the mysterious creature begins to absorb and duplicate the team members. The tension and suspense builds slowly as the team members begin to suspect each other. They all begin to loose the plot. The lead scientist of the team, Dr. Blair, completely looses it, and destroys all the radios, leaving the group stranded.

The one thing that has made the film stand out over the years is the special effects, which still hold their own against today's CGI laden affairs. The animatronics in the film are some of the best ever seen. The only film that comes close to the The Thing in terms of practical effects is Tremors (1990),another classic.


Hey, It's That Guy!: Jed, the wolf dog who played the Norwegian dog-Thing also acted in White Fang.
More to the point, Blair is played by a non-mustachioed Wilford Brimley.
Kirk Russell plays the strongest character in the film - Helicopter pilot M.J. MacReady. Russell's performance is superb. He takes charge towards the end, and using a test devised by the team's doctor, Dr Copper, he forces the elusive creature out into the open. Slowly, the remaining team members become victims of The Thing, leaving only two left at the end. The film ends on one of the biggest cliffhangers ever.

Thirty years on and The Thing is just as fresh,exiting, and trilling as ever, and is a must watch both for horror fans and others alike.