The Thing   10/31/21
by Rockatansky
(The aforementioned blood test scene provides a rare moment of clarity.) And the movie compensates for the possible resulting lack of human interest by casting a murderer's row of male character actors: Kurt Russell (hiding his movie star charisma under his tremendous facial hair and coiffure; it's ...

The Thing   7/17/18
by aronisred
Some movies have ambiguous endings but they are too ambiguous and they kill the tension built by the rest of the story.Tension built has to be preserved in case of ambiguous endings or the resolution needs to be effective enough in case of definitive endings.

The Thing   12/16/17
by mark f
At the time of its release, The Thing wasn't really greeted with good reviews, but I've always loved it, and I find it to be Carpenter's masterpiece.

The Thing   4/13/17
by Optimus
It's a movie that would fit right into my all time favourites and a movie i will be re-watching very very soon.

The Thing   8/12/15
by CiCi
However, once it is revealed that the thing can perfectly emulate its victims, the whole film turns into a guessing game and you can't help but be as pre-cautious and suspicious as the characters in the film are.

The Thing   6/03/15
by Citizen Rules
The story was creepy and suspenseful and the setting in a remote Antarctic research station made the movie forbiddingly desperate.

The Thing   5/16/15
by Iroquois
The Thing is definitely one of the best horror films and deserves to be considered Carpenter's masterpiece - though the violent nature of the titular creature may be alienating (pun possibly intended) to some viewers, those who persevere will definitely find something of worth.

The Thing   12/28/13
by The Sci-Fi Slob
After Director John Carpenter screened his completed film, the movie studio insisted that he go back and film a scene where MacReady is in a hospital, explaining how he alone survived.

The Thing   1/25/12
by The Rodent
Said by many to be a remake of the 1951 movie "The Thing From Another World", Carpenter's movie is simply based on the same novel "Who Goes There?"

The Thing   5/25/10
by TheUsualSuspect
The film is about an alien who can perfectly mimic/imitate the host it invades.

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