The Thing   11/05/22
by Omnizoa
My opinion on this movie has remained pretty much unchanged throughout the years, and that's that The Thing is a very simple, but very effective monster movie.

The Thing   10/31/21
by Rockatansky
(The aforementioned blood test scene provides a rare moment of clarity.) And the movie compensates for the possible resulting lack of human interest by casting a murderer's row of male character actors: Kurt Russell (hiding his movie star charisma under his tremendous facial hair and coiffure; it's ...

The Thing   7/17/18
by aronisred
This movie has the right amount of everything in its conclusion.The cinematography of the movie is awesome.

The Thing   12/16/17
by mark f
It's a lean, mean, fighting machine with almost nothing in the way of wasted scenes and a strong sense of its own capability of holding your interest while taking it's sweet time in building things up.

The Thing   4/13/17
by Optimus
It's a movie that would fit right into my all time favourites and a movie i will be re-watching very very soon.

The Thing   8/12/15
by CiCi
However, once it is revealed that the thing can perfectly emulate its victims, the whole film turns into a guessing game and you can't help but be as pre-cautious and suspicious as the characters in the film are.

The Thing   6/03/15
by Citizen Rules
The story was creepy and suspenseful and the setting in a remote Antarctic research station made the movie forbiddingly desperate.

The Thing   5/16/15
by Iroquois
If you were to similarly boil down The Thing to such a basic narrative, then it's definitely a monster movie, but of course it's a testament to the talent on display that it becomes so much more than that.

The Thing   12/28/13
by The Sci-Fi Slob
After Director John Carpenter screened his completed film, the movie studio insisted that he go back and film a scene where MacReady is in a hospital, explaining how he alone survived.

The Thing   1/25/12
by The Rodent
Said by many to be a remake of the 1951 movie "The Thing From Another World", Carpenter's movie is simply based on the same novel "Who Goes There?"

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