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Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter


Kimberly Beck, Erich Anderson, Corey Feldman, Barbara Howard View All


Joseph Zito (Director) View All

Released: Apr. 13th, 1984
Runtime: 1 hour, 31 minutes
After the Crystal Lake Massacres, Jason is pronounced dead and taken to the hospital morgue, where he is mysteriously revived, allowing his diabolical killing spree to continue at the camp where the gruesome slaughtering began. But this time, in addition to terrified teenagers, he meets a young boy named Tommy who has a special talent for horror masks and make up, leading up to a horrifying, bloody battle! Has Jason finally met his match?
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but none of them are better than when little Tommy disguises himself as young Jason Voorhees, then kills Jason with his machte.
I quite like the somewhat hamfisted (and repeated) foreshadowing of "you're a dead f*ck", the hitchhiker and her little placard, the first couple of kills, Cripsin ****ing Glover and his first set of dance moves.