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Igby Goes Down


Kieran Culkin, Claire Danes, Jeff Goldblum, Jared Harris View All


Burr Steers (Director) View All

Release: Sep. 13th, 2002
Runtime: 1 hour, 37 minutes
A young man's peculiar upbringing renders him unable to competently cope with the struggle of growing up.
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4 Igby Goes Down
Nothing special. I was expecting a lot more. What's up with all the praise for the screenplay? The plot was pointless, like a J.D Salinger novel -- Though Salinger is the master of hilarious, fru...

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His mother (perfectly played by Susan Sarandon) is a domineering fussbudget who constantly berates Igby for not being as perfect as her other son (Ryan Phillippe) who Igby sees as a fascist pig.
The Gnat
The best scene in this film deals with Igby's mother's death and how Igby handles it and how he handles telling to news to relatives.