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Cast and Crew of Brief Encounter


Celia Johnson
Laura Jesson
Trevor Howard
Dr. Alec Harvey
Stanley Holloway
Albert Godby
Joyce Carey
Myrtle Bagot
Cyril Raymond
Fred Jesson
Everley Gregg
Dolly Messiter
Marjorie Mars
Mary Norton
Margaret Barton
Tea Room Assistant Beryl Walters
Policeman at War Memorial (uncredited) Wilfred Babbage
Waiter at the Royal (uncredited) Alfie Bass
Doctor After Bobbie's Accident (uncredited) Wallace Bosco
Johnnie, the Second Soldier (uncredited) Sydney Bromley
Train Station Announcer (uncredited) NoŽl Coward
Alec's Friend Stephen Lynn (uncredited) Valentine Dyall
The Cellist and Organist (uncredited) Irene Handl
Beryl's Man Stanley (uncredited) Dennis Harkin
Kardomah Waitress (uncredited) Avis Scott


Assistant Editor Winston Ryder
Sound Editor Harry Miller
Ronald Neame
Ronald Neame
George Pollock
Assistant Director
David Lean
David Lean
NoŽl Coward
Writer NoŽl Coward
Screenplay Anthony Havelock-Allan
Producer Anthony Havelock-Allan
Director of Photography Robert Krasker
Editor Jack Harris
Art Direction Lawrence P. Williams
Visual Effects Charles Staffell
Associate Editor Margery Saunders
Sound Recordist Stanley Lambourne
Sound Recordist Desmond Dew