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Cast and Crew of Before Sunrise


Ethan Hawke
Julie Delpy
Wife on Train Andrea Eckert
Husband on Train Hanno Poschl
Bartender Haymon Maria Buttinger
Palm Reader Erni Mangold
Guy on Bridge Karl Bruckschwaiger
Guy on Bridge Tex Rubinowitz
Street Poet Dominik Castell
Guitar Player in Club Harold Waiglein
Belly Dancer Bilge Jeschim
Percussionist Kurti
Cafe Patron Hans Weingartner
Cafe Patron Liese Lyon
Cafe Patron Peter Ily Huemer
Cafe Patron Otto Reiter
Cafe Patron Hubert Fabian Kulterer
Cafe Patron Branko Andri?
Cafe Patron Constanze Schweiger
Cafe Patron John Sloss
Cafe Patron Alexandra Seibel
Cafe Patron Georg Schollhammer
Cafe Patron Christian Ankowitsch
Cafe Patron Wilbirg Reiter
Musician on Boat Barbara Klebel
Musician on Boat Wolfgang Staribacher
Harpsichord Player Wolfgang Gluxam


Richard Linklater
Richard Linklater
Kim Krizan
Director of Photography Lee Daniel
Fred Frith
Original Music Composer
Sandra Adair
Editor Sheri Galloway
Producer Anne Walker-McBay
Casting Alycia Aumuller
Casting Judy Henderson
Production Design Florian Reichmann
Costume Design Florentina Welley
Associate Producer Gregory Jacobs