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Cast and Crew of Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans


George O’Brien
The Man (Anses)
Janet Gaynor
The Wife (Indre)
Margaret Livingston
The Woman from the City
Bodil Rosing
The Maid
J. Farrell MacDonald
The Photographer
The Barber Ralph Sipperly
Jane Winton
The Manicure Girl
The Obtrusive Gentleman Arthur Housman
The Obliging Gentleman Eddie Boland
Streetcar Conductor (uncredited) Herman Bing
Dance Hall Manager (uncredited) Sidney Bracey
Manager of Hair Salon (uncredited) Gino Corrado
(uncredited) Vondell Darr
Woman in Dance Hall (uncredited) Sally Eilers
Angry Driver (uncredited) Gibson Gowland
Old Seaman (uncredited) Thomas Jefferson
Villager (uncredited) Bob Kortman
Dancer (uncredited) F.W. Murnau
Ballroom Dancer / Kissing Couple (uncredited) Barry Norton
Boy (uncredited) Robert Parrish
Ballroom Dancer / Kissing Couple (uncredited) Sally Phipps
Carnival Gallery Man with Pig (uncredited) Harry Semels
Head Waiter (uncredited) Phillips Smalley
Barber (uncredited) Leo White
Money Lender (uncredited) Clarence Wilson


Edgar G. Ulmer
Assistant Art Director
Scenario Writer Carl Mayer
F.W. Murnau
Author Hermann Sudermann
Producer William Fox
Original Music Composer Hugo Riesenfeld
Director of Photography Charles Rosher
Karl Struss
Director of Photography
Editor Harold D. Schuster
Assistant Director Herman Bing
Music Willy Schmidt-Gentner
Orchestrator Maurice Baron
Music Erno Rapee
Special Effects Frank D. Williams
Art Department Manager Gordon Wiles
Music R. H. Bassett
Makeup Artist Charles Dudley
Music Carli Elinor
Assistant Art Director Alfred Metscher
Still Photographer Max Munn Autrey
Still Photographer Frank Powolny