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Cast and Crew of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest


Jack Nicholson
Randle Patrick McMurphy
Louise Fletcher
Nurse Mildred Ratched
Danny DeVito
William Redfield
Dale Harding
Scatman Crothers
Orderly Turkle
Brad Dourif
Billy Bibbit
Christopher Lloyd
Max Taber
Will Sampson
Chief Bromden
Dr. John Spivey Dean R. Brooks
Ellis Michael Berryman
Charlie Cheswick Sydney Lassick
Jim Sefelt William Duell
Bruce Fredrickson Vincent Schiavelli
Col. Matterson Peter Brocco
Miller Alonzo Brown
Warren Mwako Cumbuka
Bancini Josip Elic
Beans Garfield Ken Kenny
Washington Nathan George
Hap Arlich Ted Markland
Rose Louisa Moritz
Candy Mews Small
Scanlon Delos V. Smith Jr.
Nurse Itsu Lan Fendors
Nurse Pilbow Mimi Sarkisian
Harbor Master Mel Lambert
Night Supervisor Kay Lee
Ellsworth Dwight Marfield
Ruckley Tin Welch
Lady on Pier (uncredited) Aurore Clément
Woman in Crowd on Pier (uncredited) Anjelica Huston
Actress on TV Screen (uncredited) Audrey Landers
Captain on Shore (uncredited) Saul Zaentz
Woolsey (as Phil Roth) Philip Roth


Casting Jane Feinberg
Casting Mike Fenton
Assistant Editor Arthur Coburn
Producer Saul Zaentz
Michael Douglas
Lynzee Klingman
Miloš Forman
Screenplay Bo Goldman
Director of Photography Haskell Wexler
Novel Ken Kesey
Screenplay Lawrence Hauben
Original Music Composer Jack Nitzsche
Editor Sheldon Kahn
Sound Editor Pat Jackson
Stunts Alan Gibbs
Supervising Film Editor Richard Chew
Costume Design Aggie Guerard Rodgers
Sound Recordist Larry Jost
Assistant Director Irby Smith
Production Design Paul Sylbert
Title Graphics Wayne Fitzgerald
Unit Production Manager Joel Douglas
Assistant Editor Bonnie Koehler
Executive In Charge Of Production Joel Chernoff
Associate Producer Martin Fink
Theatre Play Dale Wasserman
Post Production Supervisor Irving Saraf
Assistant Editor Jay Miracle
Makeup Artist Fred B. Phillips
Props Terry E. Lewis
Camera Operator Dick Colean
Camera Operator Robert C. Thomas
Construction Coordinator Joe Acord
Art Direction Edwin O'Donovan
Script Supervisor Natalie Drache
Grip George Hill
Painter Tom Bartholomew
Sound Philip Rogers
Music Editor Ted Whitfield
Transportation Captain Tom F. Thomas
Electrician Kyle T. MacDowell