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Love Actually


Adam Godley, Hugh Grant, Heike Makatsch, Alan Rickman View All


Richard Curtis (Screenplay), Richard Curtis (Director) View All

Release: Sep. 7th, 2003
Runtime: 2 hours, 15 minutes
Follows seemingly unrelated people as their lives begin to intertwine while they fall in and out of love. Affections languish and develop as Christmas draws near.
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This is a great film to watch to get in the mood for Christmas and ranks in my top 5 to watch during that season.
The Gnat
What makes this film good is the intertwining of story lines, while very unbelievable that all the characters would be connected like they are, it make the story much more interesting..
Director and screenwriter Richard Curtis is the creative force behind a unique and epic look at the universal concept of love in 2003's Love, Actually, a lavishly produced melding of multiple storylines that requires undivided attention from the viewer and pays off for the most part because some of ....