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Cast and Crew of The Rocky Horror Picture Show


Tim Curry
Dr. Frank-N-Furter
Susan Sarandon
Janet Weiss
Barry Bostwick
Brad Majors
Richard O'Brien
Riff Raff
Patricia Quinn
Nell Campbell
Dr. Everett V. Scott Jonathan Adams
Rocky Horror Peter Hinwood
Eddie Meat Loaf
The Criminologist Charles Gray
Ralph Hapschatt Jeremy Newson
Betty Munroe Hilary Farr
The Transylvanians Perry Bedden
The Transylvanians Christopher Biggins
The Transylvanians Gaye Brown
The Transylvanians Ishaq Bux
The Transylvanians Stephen Calcutt
The Transylvanians Hugh Cecil
The Transylvanians Imogen Claire
The Transylvanians Tony Cowan
The Transylvanians Sadie Corre
The Transylvanians Fran Fullenwider
The Transylvanians Lindsay Ingram
The Transylvanians Peggy Ledger
The Transylvanians Annabel Leventon
The Transylvanians Anthony Milner
The Transylvanians Pamela Obermeyer
The Transylvanians Tony Then
The Transylvanians Kimi Wong
The Transylvanians Henry Woolf
Floor Show Audience (uncredited) Lewis Alexander
Bridesmaid (uncredited) Gina Barrie
Floor Show Audience (uncredited) Hyma Beckley
Floor Show Audience (uncredited) Ernest Blyth
The Translyvanians Rufus Collins
Bridesmaid (uncredited) Megan Hanks
Floor Show Audience (uncredited) Victor Harrington
Wedding Guest (uncredited) Mark Johnson
Floor Show Audience (uncredited) Juba Kennerley
Bridesmaid (uncredited) Petra Leah
Wedding Dad (uncredited) Frank Lester
Father (uncredited) John Marquand
Himself (archive sound) Richard Nixon
Bridesmaid (uncredited) Koo Stark


Peter Suschitzky
Director of Photography
Peter Suschitzky
Assistant Editor Rodney Glenn
Casting Consultant Celestia Fox
Alan Ladd, Jr.
Assistant Editor Nigel Galt
Associate Producer John Goldstone
Casting Joel Thurm
Production Manager John Comfort
Makeup Artist Peter Robb-King
Art Direction Terry Ackland-Snow
Other Bill Rowe
Assistant Art Director Norman Dorme
Editor Graeme Clifford
Music Editor Graeme Clifford
Special Effects Wally Veevers
Screenplay Richard O'Brien
Original Music Composer Richard O'Brien
Story Richard O'Brien
Assistant Hairstylist Mike Lockey
Music Richard Hartley
Executive Producer Lou Adler
Screenplay Jim Sharman
Director Jim Sharman
Other Chris Munro
Set Dresser Ian Whittaker
Producer Michael White
Costume Design Sue Blane
Camera Operator Dennis C. Lewiston
Musician John Bundrick
Production Secretary Maureen White
Other Ian Fuller
Choreographer David Toguri
Construction Manager Dick Frift
Still Photographer John Jay
Focus Puller Mike Roberts
Publicist Geoff Freeman
Camera Operator Ronnie Fox Rogers
Boom Operator Peter Glossop
Assistant Makeup Artist Ernest Gasser
Sound Recordist Ron Barron
Production Design Brian Thomson
Hairdresser Ramon Gow
Assistant Makeup Artist Jane Royle
Assistant Hairstylist Helen Lennox
Draughtsman John Siddall
Production Accountant Ron Swinburne
Electrician Fred Anderson
Assistant Makeup Artist Graham Freeborn
Other Barry St. John
Chef Robin Demetriou
Second Assistant Director Bobby Howard
Property Master John Leuenberger
Matte Painter Doug Ferris
Other Richard Pointing
Other Doug Smith
Special Effects Colin Chilvers
First Assistant Director Mike Gowans
Property Buyer Bryn Siddall
Musician Dave Wintour
Choreographer Gillian Gregory
Makeup Designer Pierre La Roche
Dressing Prop Don Bradburn
Other Bob Douglas
Other Bob Hedges
Scenic Artist Bob Spencer
Other Len Tremble
Special Effects Roy Spencer
Stunt Double Ken Sheppard
Other Ronald Lenoir
Grip Jack Roche
Other Gillian Dods
Musician Count Ian Blair
Musician Mike Grabham
Other Keith Grant
Musician Phil Kenzie
Musician B.J. Wilson
Other Helen Chapelle
Other Brian Engel
Other Liza Strike
Other Clare Torry
Continuity Susanna Merry
Driver Charles Cox
Other Maureen Campbell
Shoe Design Terry de Havilland
Other Sue Edwards