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Sound Test for Blackmail


Alfred Hitchcock, Anny Ondra View All


Alfred Hitchcock (Director) View All

Release: Jan. 1st, 1929
Runtime: 1 minute
The short sequence, photographed by Jack E Cox, has Hitchcock trying his best to embarrass the film's Czech lead Anny Ondra, who ends up giggling and turning her back to the camera...
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6 New soundsystem, which film do you use to test the sound?
After unboxing and setting it up, which film do you try to check the (surround) sound quality? *edit , should have put it here; Home Theater Questions & Information, my bad.....
1 i forget the name of a movie based on blackmail I rimember a scene
I think the scene is going on at the beginning of the movie when an old man speaks abnormally vulgar in the plenty of sober people. It looks like somebody is blackmailing him to do that. I can not r...
2 Does Sound Garden sing 'Live To Rise' on the Avengers sound track?
I really like the song and my friends and I have been argueing about wether it was in that movie or not. Can anyone confirm that?...

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