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Cast and Crew of Mad Love


Peter Lorre
Doctor Gogol
Frances Drake
Yvonne Orlac
Colin Clive
Stephen Orlac
Ted Healy
Sara Haden
Edward Brophy
Henry Kolker
Prefect Rosset
Keye Luke
Dr. Wong
Francoise May Beatty
Henry Orlac, Stephen Orlac's Stepfather (Uncredited) Ian Wolfe
Pierre, Henry Orlac's Clerk (Uncredited) Edward Lippy
Lavin, Waxwork Proprietor (Uncredited) Frank Darien
Charles, Theatre Official (Uncredited) Murray Kinnell
Varsac, Fingerprint Expert (Uncredited) Rollo Lloyd
Dr. Marbeau (Uncredited) Charles Trowbridge
Suzanne (Uncredited) Nell Craig
Raoul (Uncredited) Robert Emmett Keane
Stage Doorman (Uncredited) Agostino Borgato
Autograph Seeker on Train (Uncredited) Billy Gilbert
Train Conductor (Uncredited) Hooper Atchley
Taxi Driver (Uncredited) Maurice Brierre
Nurse (Uncredited) Julie Carter
Station Master (Uncredited) Harvey Clark
Execution Official (Uncredited) Michael Mark
Assistant Prefect (Uncredited) Alphonse Ethier
Newsboy (Uncredited) Matty Roubert
Blind Man (Uncredited) Otto Hoffman
Crippled Girl (Uncredited) Cora Sue Collins
Crippled Girl's Mother (Uncredited) Sarah Padden
Man (Uncredited) Mike Cantwell
Man (Uncredited) Bernard Siegel
Woman (Uncredited) Kay English
Man Outside Theatre of Horror (Uncredited) Edward Norris
Woman Outside Theatre of Horror (Uncredited) Mary Jo Mathews
Gendarme (Uncredited) Russ Powell
Gendarme (Uncredited) Rolfe Sedan
Detective Arresting Stephen (Uncredited) Sam Ash
Detective Arresting Stephen (Uncredited) Roger Gray
Detective Escorting Rollo on Train (Uncredited) Christian J. Frank
Detective Escorting Rollo on Train (Uncredited) Robert Graves
Detective Interviewing Henry Orlac's Clerk (Uncredited) Earl Pingree
Actor at Party (Uncredited) Theodore Lorch
Actor as 'The Rotary' (Uncredited) Carl Stockdale
Actor as 'Duke' (Uncredited) Ramsay Hill
Actor as 'Prince' (Uncredited) Marc Loebell
Police Broadcaster (Uncredited) Jacques Vanaire
Audience Member (Uncredited) Monte Vandergrift
Piano Creditor (Uncredited) Clarence Wilson


Gregg Toland
Director of Photography
Karl Freund
Screenplay John L. Balderston
Dimitri Tiomkin
Original Music Composer
Art Direction William A. Horning
Cedric Gibbons
Art Direction
Edwin B. Willis
Art Direction
Orchestrator Leonid Raab
Sound Director Douglas Shearer
Novel Maurice Renard
Editor Hugh Wynn
Costume Design Dolly Tree
Screenplay P.J. Wolfson
Adaptation Florence Crewe-Jones
Producer John W. Considine Jr.
Original Music Composer R. H. Bassett
Makeup Artist Norbert A. Myles
Orchestrator Jack Virgil
Director of Photography Chester A. Lyons
Music Director Oscar Radin
Assistant Director Dolph Zimmer
Orchestrator Paul Marquardt
Orchestrator Charles Maxwell
Original Music Composer David Snell