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Cast and Crew of King Kong


Robert Armstrong
Carl Denham
Fay Wray
Ann Darrow
Bruce Cabot
Jack Driscoll
Frank Reicher
Captain Englehorn
Victor Wong
Ship's Cook Charlie
James Flavin
Mate Briggs
Sam Hardy
Charles Weston
Noble Johnson
Skull Island Native Chief
Skull Island Witch Doctor Steve Clemente
Press Photographer (uncredited) Roscoe Ates
Pilot of Plane that Kills Kong (uncredited) Merian C. Cooper
Intended Sacrificial Bride for Kong (uncredited) Frances Curry
Apple Vendor (uncredited) Paul Porcasi
Machine-Gunner on Plane that Kills Kong (uncredited) Ernest B. Schoedsack
Policeman at Headquarters (uncredited) Harry Strang
Theatre Usher (uncredited) Bill Williams
Member of Ship's Crew (uncredited) Dick Curtis
Ship's Engineer (uncredited) Reginald Barlow
Member of Ship's Crew (uncredited) Roy Brent
Member of Ship's Crew (uncredited) Edward Clark
Member of Ship's Crew (uncredited) Harry Cornbleth
Member of Ship's Crew (uncredited) James Dime
Member of Ship's Crew (uncredited) Charlie Hall
Member of Ship's Crew (uncredited) Allen Jenkins
Member of Ship's Crew (uncredited) George Magrill
Member of Ship's Crew (uncredited) John Northpole
Member of Ship's Crew (uncredited) Gil Perkins
Member of Ship's Crew (uncredited) Jack Perry
Member of Ship's Crew (uncredited) Harry Tenbrook
Member of Ship's Crew (uncredited) Sailor Vincent
Member of Ship's Crew (uncredited) Blackie Whiteford


Vernon L. Walker
Director of Photography
David O. Selznick
Executive Producer
Merian C. Cooper
Merian C. Cooper
Merian C. Cooper
Ernest B. Schoedsack
Ernest B. Schoedsack
Ernest B. Schoedsack
Camera Operator
Screenplay James Ashmore Creelman
Screenplay Ruth Rose
Original Music Composer Max Steiner
Director of Photography Edward Linden
Director of Photography J.O. Taylor
Director of Photography Kenneth Peach
Editor Ted Cheesman
Production Design Carroll Clark
Sound Designer Eddie Harman
Sound Effects Editor Murray Spivack
Best Boy Electric George Marquenie
Visual Effects Willis H. O'Brien
Story Edgar Wallace
Producer Walter Daniels
Assistant Director Walter Daniels
Production Design Alfred Herman
Makeup Department Head Mel Berns
Boom Operator Harold E. Stine
Set Decoration Ray Moyer
Set Decoration Thomas Little
Sound Recordist Clem Portman
Costume Design Walter Plunkett
Sound Recordist Earl A. Wolcott
First Assistant "B" Camera William H. Clothier
Makeup Artist Sam Kaufman
Stunt Double Judy Malcolm
Casting Fred Schuessler
Assistant Director Doran Cox
Stunt Double Buddy Mason
Stunt Double Pauline Wagner
Hairstylist Dotha Hippe
Stunt Double Aline Goodwin
Assistant Director Ivan Thomas
Still Photographer Ernest Bachrach
Key Grip Sam Redding
Property Master George Gabe
Stunt Double Marcella Allen
Stunt Double Lillian Jones
Stunt Double Cherie May
First Assistant "A" Camera Bert Willis
Script Supervisor Betty Goode
Pilot Duke Krantz