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Cast and Crew of Hamlet


Laurence Olivier
Hamlet - Prince of Denmark / Voice of Ghost
Jean Simmons
Ophelia - His Daughter
John Laurie
Esmond Knight
Anthony Quayle
Niall MacGinnis
Sea Captain
Harcourt Williams
First Player
Patrick Troughton
Player King
Player Queen Tony Tarver
Osric Peter Cushing
Gravedigger Stanley Holloway
Priest Russell Thorndike
Claudius - The King Basil Sydney
Gertrude - The Queen Eileen Herlie
Horatio - His Friend Norman Wooland
Polonius - Lord Chamberlain Felix Aylmer
Laertes - His Son Terence Morgan
Bit Part (uncredited) Anthony Bushell
Lady of the Court (uncredited) Patricia Davidson
Extra (uncredited) Doreen Lawrence
Spear Carrier (uncredited) Christopher Lee
Extra (uncredited) Desmond Llewelyn
Extra (uncredited) Victor Lucas
Extra (uncredited) Patrick Macnee


Laurence Olivier
Laurence Olivier
William Shakespeare
Sound Editor Harry Miller
Director of Photography Desmond Dickinson
Art Direction Carmen Dillon
Sound Recordist John W. Mitchell
Editor Helga Cranston
Makeup Artist Tony Sforzini
Executive Producer Herbert Smith
Original Music Composer William Walton
Makeup Artist Norbert A. Myles
Makeup Artist Basil Newall
Sound Recordist Desmond Dew
Sound Recordist Ken Rawkins
Costume Design Elizabeth Hennings
Makeup Artist Michael Morris
Sound Recordist L.E. Overton
Makeup Artist Ernest Westo
Wardrobe Master Barbara Gillett