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Cast and Crew of Metropolis


Gustav Frohlich
Freder Fredersen
Brigitte Helm
Maria / The Machine Man
Alfred Abel
Johann 'Joh' Fredersen
Rudolf Klein-Rogge
C.A. Rotwang
Theodor Loos
Fritz Rasp
The Thin Man
No. 11811 - Georgy Erwin Biswanger
Heinrich George
Creative Human - Man Who Convinces Babel (uncredited) Fritz Alberti
Working Woman (uncredited) Grete Berger
Working Woman (uncredited) Olly Boeheim
Master of Ceremonies (uncredited) Heinrich Gotho
Man Playing Violin (uncredited) Gottfried Huppertz
Working Man Who Causes Explosion of M-Machine (uncredited) Georg John
Woman of Eternal Gardens / Lady in Car (uncredited) Margarete Lanner
Working Woman (uncredited) Rose Lichtenstein
Marinus (uncredited) Hanns Leo Reich
Working Man (uncredited) Arthur Reinhardt
Working Man (uncredited) Curt Siodmak
Working Woman (uncredited) Henrietta Siodmak
Jan (uncredited) Olaf Storm
Son in Eternal Gardens (uncredited) Rolf von Goth
Woman of Eternal Gardens (uncredited) Helen von Munchofen
Working Woman (uncredited) Helene Weigel


Producer Erich Pommer
Fritz Lang
Fritz Lang
Fritz Lang
Original Music Composer Gottfried Huppertz
Karl Freund
Director of Photography
Karl Freund
Camera Operator
Director of Photography Gunther Rittau
Camera Operator Gunther Rittau
Screenplay Thea von Harbou
Novel Thea von Harbou
Visual Effects Eugen Schufftan
Costume Design Aenne Willkomm
Set Designer Edgar G. Ulmer
Art Direction Karl Vollbrecht
Set Designer Karl Vollbrecht
Art Direction Erich Kettelhut
Set Designer Erich Kettelhut
Production Office Assistant Erich Kettelhut
Art Direction Otto Hunte
Set Designer Otto Hunte
First Assistant Camera Robert Baberske
Director of Photography Walter Ruttmann
Special Effects Konstantin Irmen-Tschet
Still Photographer Horst von Harbou
Production Office Assistant Erich Holder
Assistant Director Slatan Dudow
Production Artist Rudi George
Sculptor Walter Schulze-Mittendorff
Special Effects Ernst Kunstmann
Music Editor Frank Strobel
Conductor Frank Strobel
Original Music Composer Otto Harzner
Production Office Assistant Hans Taussig