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Release: Sep. 10th, 2004
Runtime: 1 hour, 52 minutes
In post-Sept. 11 Los Angeles, tensions erupt when the lives of a Brentwood housewife, her district attorney husband, a Persian shopkeeper, two cops, a pair of carjackers and a Korean couple converge during a 36-hour period.
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5 Car crash and Pleasure
Trying to remember a famous movie that was in my watchlist: The main character of the story drives cars at a crashing speed and involve in sex while driving. somewhat similar to basic instinct 2 bu...

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Citizen Rules
Crash is a unique film that embraces the idea that we all walk around isolated in our own worlds, oblivious to the lives of others that we pass.
A black police detective with a drugged out mother and a thieving younger brother, two car thieves who are constantly theorizing on society and race, the distracted district attorney and his irritated and pampered wife, a racist veteran cop (caring for a sick father at home) who disgusts his more id....
This was the question that haunted then television writer Paul Haggis for ten years before he finally started writing what became the screenplay of the film Crash.
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