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Cast and Crew of A Christmas Carol


George C. Scott
Ebenezer Scrooge
Roger Rees
Fred Holywell / Narrator
David Warner
Bob Cratchit
Susannah York
Mrs. Cratchit
Edward Woodward
Ghost of Christmas Present
Angela Pleasence
Ghost of Christmas Past
Michael Carter
Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
Tiny Tim Anthony Walters
Janet Holywell Caroline Langrishe
Belle Lucy Gutteridge
Silas Scrooge Nigel Davenport
Young Scrooge Mark Strickson
Fan Joanne Whalley
Jacob Marley Frank Finlay
Ben Brian Pettifer
Belle's Husband Peter Settelen
William Daniel Chatto
Mr. Fezziwig Timothy Bateson
Mr. Poole Michael Gough
Mr. Hacking John Quarmby
Old Joe Peter Woodthorpe
Mrs. Dilber Liz Smith
Peter Cratchit Kieran Hughes
Little Boy Cratchit Orlando Wells


Director Clive Donner
Writer Roger O. Hirson
Charles Dickens