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Cast and Crew of The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance


John Wayne
Tom Doniphon
James Stewart
Ransom Stoddard
Vera Miles
Hallie Stoddard
Lee Marvin
Liberty Valance
Edmond O'Brien
Dutton Peabody
Andy Devine
Marshal Link Appleyard
Ken Murray
Doc Willoughby
John Carradine
Maj. Cassius Starbuckle
Nora Ericson Jeanette Nolan
Peter Ericson John Qualen
Jason Tully - Conductor Willis Bouchey
Maxwell Scott Carleton Young
Pompey Woody Strode
Amos Carruthers Denver Pyle
Floyd Strother Martin
Reese Lee Van Cleef
Handy Strong Robert F. Simon
Herbert Carruthers O.Z. Whitehead
Mayor Winder Paul Birch
Charlie Hasbrouck - Reporter for 'The Star' Joseph Hoover
Townsman (uncredited) Charles Akins
Townsman (uncredited) John Barton
Townsman (uncredited) Rudy Bowman
Townsman (uncredited) Chet Brandenburg
Townsman (uncredited) Jerry Brown
Townsman (uncredited) George Bruggeman
Townsman (uncredited) Noble Chissell
Townsman (uncredited) Russell Custer
Townsman (uncredited) Duke Fishman
Townsman (uncredited) Fritz Ford
Townsman (uncredited) Herman Hack
Townsman (uncredited) Jack Kenny
Townsman (uncredited) Richard LaMarr
Townsman (uncredited) Jack Lilley
Townsman (uncredited) Buddy Roosevelt
Townsman (uncredited) Jack Tornek
Townsman (uncredited) Sid Troy
Townsman (uncredited) Ralph Volkie
Townsman (uncredited) Max Wagner
Townsman (uncredited) Blackie Whiteford
Townswoman (uncredited) Gertrude Astor
Townswoman (uncredited) Helen Gibson
Townswoman (uncredited) Eva Novak
Townswoman (uncredited) Dorothy Phillips
Henchman (uncredited) Mario Arteaga
Henchman (uncredited) Chuck Hayward
Henchman (uncredited) Chuck Roberson
Henchman (uncredited) Jack Williams
Gambler (uncredited) Frank Baker
Gambler (uncredited) William Henry
Musician (uncredited) Danny Borzage
Statehood Audience Member (uncredited) Dick Cherney
Statehood Audience Member (uncredited) Chuck Hamilton
Statehood Audience Member (uncredited) Sam Harris
Statehood Audience Member (uncredited) Lars Hensen
Statehood Audience Member (uncredited) Tex Holden
Statehood Audience Member (uncredited) Stuart Holmes
Statehood Audience Member (uncredited) Jimmie Horan
Statehood Audience Member (uncredited) Jack Perrin
Statehood Audience Member (uncredited) 'Snub' Pollard
Statehood Audience Member (uncredited) Robert Robinson
Statehood Audience Member (uncredited) Scott Seaton
Statehood Audience Member (uncredited) Rudy Sooter
Statehood Council Member (uncredited) Carl M. Leviness
Statehood Council Member (uncredited) King Mojave
Kaintuck (uncredited) Shug Fisher
Cantina Bartender (uncredited) Ben Frommer
Jack - Bartender (uncredited) Jack Pennick
Bartender (uncredited) Phil Schumacher
Buck Langhorn (uncredited) Tom Hennesy
Shotgun (uncredited) Bryan 'Slim' Hightower
Clute Dumfries (uncredited) Earle Hodgins
Barfly (uncredited) Michael Jeffers
Barfly (uncredited) Tom Smith
Barfly (uncredited) Cap Somers
Drummer (uncredited) Eddie Jauregui
Drummer (uncredited) Charles Morton
Party Member at Convention (uncredited) Ethan Laidlaw
Mrs. Prescott - Widow in Stage Holdup (uncredited) Anna Lee
Highpockets (uncredited) Ted Mapes
Cowboy on Pinto Pony (uncredited) Montie Montana
Cowboy (uncredited) Slim Talbot
Roughrider (uncredited) Bob Morgan
Election Council President (uncredited) Charles Seel
Townsman (uncredited) Bud Cokes
Townswoman (uncredited) Jane Crowley
Bar X Man (uncredited) Larry Finley


Screenplay Willis Goldbeck
Producer Willis Goldbeck
Sound Recordist Charles Grenzbach
Edith Head
Costume Design
Assistant Editor Stu Linder
Art Direction Hal Pereira
Set Decoration Darrell Silvera
Set Decoration Sam Comer
Makeup Artist Wally Westmore
Director John Ford
Producer John Ford
Original Music Composer Cyril J. Mockridge
Editor Otho Lovering
Orchestrator Leo Shuken
Director of Photography William H. Clothier
Hairstylist Nellie Manley
Screenplay James Warner Bellah
Art Direction Eddie Imazu
Stunts Bob Morgan
Stunts Jack Williams
Story Dorothy M. Johnson
Costume Design Ron Talsky
Visual Effects Farciot Edouart
Stunts John Epper
Assistant Director Wingate Smith
Construction Coordinator Gene Lauritzen
Orchestrator Jack Hayes
Imaging Science Sarah McGrail
Cinematography Carl Manoogian
Music Irvin Talbot
Stunts Eddie Jauregui
Sound Recordist Philip Mitchell