Football factory

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I got this for xmas thought it was a really good. This is worth seeing for thoses people who are football thugs lol and people who are interested in mass punch ups. Its a funny film as well especially that bloke from lock stock !! anyways

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I'm guessing this is a British films, which means it should be decent....but what exactly is it about?

This movie is about football and all the mass fights u see on news. what they have done is made this into a movie around one character and his gang of hooligans who r chelsea fans lol and they live for the weekend i.e. get pissed and do drugs then kick some ass i.e. at football games like millwall sounds betta then what i have said lol but i give it 8*

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Sounds absoloulty horrid. Sorry, but i really hate the football hooligan thing.
Pumpkins scream in the DEAD of night!

It's not all just punch-ups and p!ss-heads. There is an emotional side to it all. I like the film, it's not spectacular but it's worth seeing.
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