Top 50 Tearjerkers


My version of the top 40 tearjerker movies. Each movie has more than one teary eyed scene, but I only mention my favorite moments. I've ranked them in order of how much I cried:

#1 Life as a House - A man who has a few months to live, due to cancer, wants to spend the summer building a house with his out of control son. The big moment for me is Kevin Kline telling his ex-wife he is depressing!

#2 In America - A poor Irish family from Canada, move to the Big Apple. Their 2 adorable little girls own this movie. The hardest scene for me is when the neighbor is dying in the chair and one of the little girls is at his side. Her innocence is amazing.

#3 I Am Sam - A mentally impaired Sean Penn is trying to raise his daughter in a single parent household and the law gets involved. My biggest cry is where Sean Penn's daughter is being taken away and it's a really depressing scene to watch.

#4 The Joy Luck Club - This is a story told by 4 mothers and their 4 adult daughters. They are all Asian Americans. Tearjerker material throughout all the flashbacks. The ending has the biggest crown jewel teary-eyed moment.

#5 Braveheart - The best movie that Mel Gibson ever played in. The prize moment is the ending, as the ghost of his lover is walking through the crowd. Two tears up!

#6 Titanic - I cried at many scenes, but the very last scene of the movie had me sobbing. I'm not sure how to interpret the ending though....Did the old woman die in her sleep and go to Titanic heaven?? or Did she simply visit her lover and the crew of Titanic while dreaming?

#7 Pearl Harbor - A love story in the midst of war. When Ben Affleck gets off the plane helping with the casket of Josh Hartnett, I lost all composure and tears poured.

#8 Passion of The Christ - An account of Christ's cruxifiction by Mel Gibson. I am a christian and I held no anger at this film. I just cried my eyes out for what I witnessed Jesus go through during the ENTIRE film.

#9 Heaven and Earth - Tommy Lee Jones in a Vietnam War/Love story. Witnessing his vietnamese wife go through so much pain and sorrow is very sad. The vietnamese actress was the star of the show.

#10 Artificial Intelligence - A futuristic Earth where man and robot co-exist. Man wants to create a child robot who can love. Very emotional here and there, but the last 10 minutes of the movie, your heart will be ripped to pieces and you might drown in your own tears. Incredibly sad.... and its not the robot Haley Joel Osment who is goin to die!

#11 Bicentennial Man - Robin Williams plays a robot purchased by a rich family. Who would have ever thought the script was going to get sad. If you see this movie, you might lose yourself in tears. You witness 2 main characters die in the first half, and youre taken through 2 final deaths in the last scene and I cried for an hour or so after the credits rolled.

#12 Pleasantville - A story about loss of innocence, set in a black & white television world. Color arrives as innocence and guilt trade places and the world begins to change. I cried when Tobey Maguire says his goodbyes to Reese Witherspoon and Joan Allen. The scene where Tobey puts Joan's makeup on her face...too sweet.

#13 Forrest Gump - Tom Hanks as a mentally impaired adult going through life. Too many scenes to cry! Sally Field's death scene and Robin Wright Penn's death scene, both drew my tears.

#14 Deep Impact - A deadly meteor heads toward the earth. The scene thats really emotional for me is the one where Tea Leoni's mother is preparing to commit suicide. Also, the goodbyes from the space shuttle crew at the end are quite a bit depressing.

#15 The Color Purple - Steven Spielberg couldnt have told a better story, with such pain and sorrow, but in the end, very rewarding with an overflow of happy tears. I will forever have tears of joy for Whoopi Goldberg reuniting with her children.

#16 What Dreams May Come - Robin Williams plays a doctor who dies and goes to Heaven, but then has to rescue his wife from Hell after she commits suicide because of his death. The purple tree scene will bring out the tears.

#17 Come See the Paradise - Dennis Quaid falls in love with a Japanese American during the time of Pearl Harbor. A touching love story. Classic happy ending. Several scenes will draw out the tears.

#18 My Life - Michael Keaton is dying of cancer and his wife is pregnant. You know this one will get you. When his family surprises him with the backyard circus, this really broke my heart in a good way. The scene when he takes his last breaths of air is literally an emotional rollercoaster.

#19 The Return of the King - Part three of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Despair, death, love, new beginnings, and happy endings. Peter Jackson knew what he was doing.

#20 The Butterfly Effect - This was a great suspense drama, with its share of depressing moments. The director's cut ending is only on DVD. If they played it in theaters, the suicide rate would have probably skyrocketed. I played the director's cut ending over and over because I was in such shock at what Ashton Kutcher does, and I cried my heart out each time.

#21 Monster - I have no sympathy for a prostitute who was a serial killer, but the love story got me. When Charlize Theron says her goodbyes to Christina Ricci at the bus station, I lost it. The court room scene was also too much to bear, nothing but tears.

#22 Signs - This alien movie was more emotional than any I've ever seen. The scenes where Mel Gibson thinks about his dead wife are sad. Also when he is telling his children their birth stories right before the aliens are trying to break into the house....gosh how sad to be telling happy stories when you are about to die.

#23 Marvin's Room - Cancer movies will always provoke my tears. Especially if it's sweet Diane Keaton who's dying with the help of Meryl Streep and Leonardo DiCaprio.

#24 Remember the Titans - Denzel Washington did a great job in this highschool football film. Touching moments throughout the movie. The funeral ending sent me over the edge.

#25 Big Fish - Tim Burton's incredible cinematic journey. The ending gains the most tears as Albert Finney is being taken to the river as he's dying.

#26 Legends of the Fall - America. Horses. War. Love Story. Father and sons. When Anthony Hopkins has his stroke and is unable to talk, I nearly lost it as Brad Pitt returns home and Anthony writes "I'm Happy" on his message pad for Brad Pitt to read. It's hard to explain, but a must see event.

#27 About Schmidt - An emotional view of what life is like for many men after retirement. The scene when he sits at his wife's makeup desk, a few days after she has passed away, and smears her makeup on his face while he's crying....gosh I just lost it.

#28 Cast Away- Tom Hanks trapped on an island. The saddest scenes are when Wilson disappears and of course near the ending, when Helen Hunt is trying to hold on to their love.

#29 Steel Magnolias - Who could ever top the performance that Sally Fields gave at that funeral. I cried as if Julia Roberts was my own dead daughter!!!..........

#30 The Notebook - You already know what's gonna happen before it happens. Who did she choose? That's not the sad part. They save the biggest tears for the end as you will be shocked by the way the director wants you to leave the theater. I cried all the way to my car.

#31 Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood - Ashley Judd is the shining star of this film. Teary eyed scenes here and there.

#32 Under the Tuscan Sun - Diane Lane is a writer that moves to Italy to inspire new material. A couple of teary-eyed scenes. The best is when the workers are finished with the house repairs and Diane Lane has to say goodbye. Shame on the director for making such a tender scene!!!!

#33 Corrina, Corrina - Whoopi Goldberg and Ray Liotta and a very adorable little girl. Gosh, a wonderful film. Best scene is the ending as the little girl sings with her Grandma.

#34 Glory - Denzel Washington and Matthew Broderick in an awesome Civil War story. The scene when Denzel sheds 1 single tear as he is being whipped is classic.

#35 House of Sand and Fog - A woman accidentally gets evicted from her home due to an I.R.S. mistake, and a struggling Iranian family buys it and refuses to give it back. Ben Kingsley had me balling during the incident with his son. I was shocked at the ending and I cried throughout the film. Very depressing situation.

#36 Baby Boom - Great story about a business woman who is appointed as caregiver to her orphaned baby niece. The ending really choked the tears out of me as Diane Keaton walks through the front door and the baby calls her "Mama."

#37 The Terminal - Tom Hanks plays a russian who gets detained in the New York City International Airport. Its a unique story. I didnt expect it to be a tearjerker, but a couple of scenes really took me by surprise and the tears flowed. The highlight scene is when the janitor was running down the airstrip trying to stop the airplane with his mop in hand!

#38 King of the Hill - I am so upset that this hasnt come out on DVD yet. This was a good story about two little brothers growing up in poverty stricken family that gets torn apart. Depressing situation. This is not related to the cartoon series.

#39 The Land Before Time - The first animated film that had me shedding tears. A story about adolescent dinosaurs trying to migrate to a land of promise. I remember crying when I first saw this in 2nd grade. Friendship and death and just rewards.

#40 Charlotte's Web - This animated film also needs recognition. A story of a pig that becomes famous due to a female spider named Charlotte. The highlight is Charlotte's fairwell song as she is dying.

Let me know which of these movies made you cry the most, if any at all!

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Wow that a lot of crying.
I can only think of a couple that made me cry. They were:
1) What Dreams May Come...the hell scene, when Williams' character meets his wife there.
2) About the end when he sees that he made a difference to someone.
3) I am Sam...same as you

In Cast Away, I sorta got teary eyes at the end, like you.

98% of those were pretty lame. In America was the best out of the films listed.
You're not hopeless...

The Sultan Of Smooth
I don't know why (and I am embarrassed to say so) but the ONLY film that cuts me up everytime I see it is Ghost - I would be referring to the ending though, not the poor dialogue throughout. Ha-ha
Don't yell at me, I'm not blind!

the only movie that i came close to crying was Big Fish. tim burton sure knew how to make an ending emotional. also, when tom hanks loses wilson, thats pretty sad.

So many good movies, so little time.
An Affair To Remember

and then

Sleepless in Seattle

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A walk to remember

and i know a lot of peeps on here weren't too keen on it but City Of Angels gets me every time

kinda wierd but the last scene of you've got mail

I must say, while I'm not being angry at Fan Boys I'm a sensitive person petting small animals and picking delicate flowers while running with my arms out through an open meadow alongside a gentle creek....
With that said, two movies can make me cry, one more than the other.

Life is Beautiful - That movie is beautiful, ENOUGH!

Numero SECOND!
E.T. - I remember being little and watching the movie with my family and family friends in our house. I cried when the alien gangsta' was dieing in the creek. I hid my tears, cause I am tough.

E.T. is a tear jerker more than Life is Beautiful because of the sound E.T. makes - it is sad like hitting frogs with your car when they jump in front of you.

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My mouth was touching the floor at the end of Thirteen, along with a tear or two.

It was one of the most powerful movies i've seen since Donnie Darko.
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That's a pretty big list, for me I'd have to say the end of Gladiator is pretty sad, what with all the sad music and how he died. For movies like uumm 'Sleepless in Seatle', that are designed to make you cry I just don't buy into the storyline. To make someone cry they have to care enough about the story + characters and most of the time I just don't care .

my top 3 tearjerkers are:

#1 - a walk to remember. Yes i know at times this movie is cheesy, but there are bits that just made me cry like a lil baby!

#2 - The Green Mile. No person with a heart cannot cry at this movie. When john coffey gets executed, i think the entire cinema cried!

#3 - Armageddon. When Bruce willis talks to Liv Tyler before he blows up the meteorite. It's starting to wear off because I've seen it quite a few times, but it still gets me a little choked up.

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A movie that gets me everytime and that I absolutely refuse to watch in the presence of anyone else is Splendor in the Grass
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Salo [Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1975] - This film made the whole family cry. I've never seen my dad cry before, but when the end credits were rolling he had his face in his hands and was sobing.

Caligula [Tinto Brass, Bob Guccione, 1980] - Never before has a film been able to evoke such raw emotion from me and those with me. I love this film.

Please take these into recommendation - watch them with the whole family. Call grandma over, get some popcorn, and get ready to have an emotional bondage (I mean bonding) experience.

Man on Fire. I didn't actually cry at it, just some sand in my eye...
Eh, I don't think I have ever really cried at any movie, Man on Fire was deep tho...

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vintempe...welcome to the forum. You put alot of work into your list...nice job.
I've cried through many of those as well.

Here’s my top 20 tearjeakers...

1. To Live (Huozhe) (1994)
2. Grave of the Fireflies (1988)
3. The Joy Luck Club (1993)
4. Sophie's Choice (1982)
5. Life is Beautiful (1997)
6. Farewell My Concubine (1993)
7. Raise the Red Lantern (1991)
8. Terms of Endearment (1983)
9. In America (2003)
10. It's a Wonderful Life (1947)
11. Steel Magnolias (1989)
12. Bridges of Madison County (1995)
13. Jerry Maguire (1996)
14. Rain Man (1988)
15. The Shipping News (2001)
16. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)
17. Parenthood (1989)
18. Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987)
19. Bambi (1942)
20. Together (2002)

I'll try to post more later. I cry fairly easily. I probably went through a whole box of tissues on the first three on my list.

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Originally Posted by PimpDaShizzle
Salo [Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1975] - This film made the whole family cry. I've never seen my dad cry before, but when the end credits were rolling he had his face in his hands and was sobing.

Caligula [Tinto Brass, Bob Guccione, 1980] - Never before has a film been able to evoke such raw emotion from me and those with me. I love this film.

Please take these into recommendation - watch them with the whole family. Call grandma over, get some popcorn, and get ready to have an emotional bondage (I mean bonding) experience.

not funny.

Originally Posted by iluv2viddyfilms
not funny.
It wasn't supposed to be funny, just a few recommendations for some family entertainment.

Heavy Metal when the Birdy thing gets hurt..sniff sniff...
I'm thinking that every time a sincere person in Western Florida looks up at the Moon that Luna will be remembered, and that is certainly quite an accomplishment for such a sweet little girl

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