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Under the skin


Under the skin is a film that highlights our obsession with the shape and surface of things. We often see what we want to see rather than the true ugliness that could lerk behind a sweet face, and as women often fall in love with what they hear, men often fall in love with what they see. Beauty privilege has always been part of our nature though for men and women, and always will, which is why Scarlett being an alien underneath her attractive exterior makes a statement within itself. I also found it very interesting learning that some of Scarlets interactions with people on the streets were real. It was funny how easily guys would get in her car without a second though, but this didn't surprise me in the slightest as it would be difficult to pass up a free meal and she was probably thinking the same but in the literal sense. Her being so forward though I personally would think something was up, or she's got huge issues. How some of these men physically looked as well I find it funny that they didn't think the same. It makes it easy to understand how so many people get seduced and then robed when abroad or deceived on dating apps like tinder.

I also found it interesting how our protagonist's alien nature made her in different to people and there struggles but the more exposure she had to our world the more sympathetic she became and having feelings that go against her alien nature. Ultimately It took her own sufferings to kill the predator from within herself. At first her eyes reflected nothing but by the end they reflected a broken heart. A heart that's been overwhelmed by the beauty of our world and the hardships she witnessed from mankind. Sadly it was the more ugly nature of mankind that led to her downfall, reveling the truth of what's under the skin. Overall this was a very unique film

I give under the skin 5-star

⬆️ One of my favorite movies. Seen it a few times.
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⬆️ One of my favorite movies. Seen it a few times.
Yes it's so different from anything out there. I much preferred it on my second viewing as there many layers to this film