This was a Hong Kong movie that was most likely made in the late 80's to mid 90's. Two men were on a date with two women. It may have been a first date. They drove them to a remote area outside of the city. I believe it was a white luxury sedan, either a BMW or Mercedes. Once there they got the girls out of the car and then locked the doors so they couldn't get back in. They told the girls that they would have to strip-dance if they wanted to get back in. They complained when the girls were just dancing and not stripping. Somehow the girls convinced the men to get out and then they got in the car and locked the doors. And they told the men to strip-dance. The men took off their shirts and pants and then the women drove away. Later on one of the men that was in the car became the boss where the girls worked. That's about all that I remember from the movie.