Movies Seen Last Week (7/3/22 - 7/9/22)


Hello everyone, new here and if there's a thread like this somewhere let me know so I won't do it again.

Back in the day of ye olde IMDB message boards I used to run a thread like this in the Film General section for everyone to discuss the movies they saw the prior week (if any of you all were on there back in the day I used to go by Unwantedaddress as that was the email address I had at the time and IMDB insisted I use it as a username for a while). Give their thoughts and hopefully discuss the movies with others and thought I'd give it a shot here.

My films:

Violent Cop (Takeshi Kitano, 1989)

First film of Takeshi Kitano as a director, and one of the few crime films I've seen by him where he plays a cop rather than a yakuza. Very "Dirty Harry" style crime thriller where Kitano is a cop who doesn't play by the rules. Made less derivative by some genuinely surprising scenes of violence. Even early on in his career, Kitano knew what he was doing. 8/10

Tom Jones (Tony Richardson, 1963)

An adaptation of Henry Fielding's (EXTREMELY LONG) novel. Winner of several Academy awards (including best picture and director) the film follows the comedic adventures of Tom Jones as he seemingly woos every woman he comes across and annoys every man. It's funny and a fairly faithful adaptation (as much as it can be at only two hours of a 1000 page book). Perhaps a bit too repetitive, but enjoyable. 7/10

The Lie (Veena Sud, 2018)

Watched this with a friend because we were bored and it was streaming on Amazon for free. Even at free I still feel cheated. Predictable and rather dull affair. 2/10

Amarcord (Federico Fellini, 1973)

I've only recently gotten into Fellini, but from what I've seen this is currently my second favorite (after 8 1/2). A film that just follows the lives of an entire town in 1930s Italy. No main character, just random lives. At times comedic, at others dramatic. It's a beautiful masterpiece. 9/10.

X (Ti West, 2022)

Shockingly good little horror film set in 1970s Texas in which a group go off to film a porno on the property of an older couple. Bad things happen. Works effectively as a horror playing with conventional Slasher tropes, but also has a lot of interesting things to say about the process of aging. 8/10

So, what about you everyone? What did you see? Any thoughts on what I saw? Chime in and I'll be happy to discuss any of yours I've seen or mine.

My thoughts on what you saw:

Tom Jones 6/10. One of the weaker best picture winners, although I own the Criterion blu ray.
The Lie 7/10. This was decent and mildly entertaining for what it was.
Amarcord 9/10 Excellent film. I own the Criterion dvd.
X 9/10 Fantastic film. One of my favourites of the year. I have it on blu ray.

I watched:
Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1956 8/10 I think this is a well written and entertaining film. The performances are enjoyable and the actors do a fine job with the story. The score is effective and helps enhance the atmosphere.

Uncle Sam 1996 7/10 This was pretty entertaining and fun.

Without Warning 1980 4/10 This wasn't very good. It was slow and boring for the most part.

Matilda 1978 6/10 This is the best movie I have ever seen about a boxing kangaroo.

The Awful Dr. Orloff 1962 6/10 This was just alright. It didn't do much for me, but it wasn't bad.

The Great Outdoors 1988 6/10 This was alright. Decent performances, but could have been funnier.

Stroszek 1977 6/10 I thought the screenplay was decent and the performances were fine, but the film failed to engage me.

Adoption 1975 7/10 This was pretty good.

Kung Fu Hustle 2004 5/10 This wasn't very funny and not that entertaining either.

Heavy Metal 1981 7/10 I liked the animation. The story was just alright.

Das Boot 1981 9/10 This is a very well made film, definitely a must see. Wolfgang Petersen did an excellent job directing it.

Thor: Love and Thunder 2022 9/10 This was fantastic. There were lots of laughs, fun to be had, and heart.

The Great American Broadcast 1941 6/10 This was reasonably pleasant and mildly entertaining. Some nice singing.

Everything Everywhere All at Once 2022 10/10 The film is ambitious, insane, hilarious, beautiful, and wildly entertaining. Featuring fantastic performances, an excellent screenplay, and brilliantly directed. Best film of the year.

Forever, Darling 1956 7/10 This was cute and charming.

Accused of Murder 1956 6/10 This was fine. The story was alright,performances were decent, nice looking film.

Unhuman 2022 6/10 Pretty generic. Characters were underdeveloped, story could have been better.

Johnny Stool Pigeon 1949 7/10 I could tell you what I thought of this film, but I ain't no rat!

I saw Amarcord about a month ago. I thought it was essential Fellini, and I mean that in the sense that it's one of the most truthful movies to the Fellini style. However, I felt that the different qualities of that style were all performed better other Fellini movies.

My thoughts on what you saw:

X 9/10 Fantastic film. One of my favourites of the year. I have it on blu ray.

I'm still unsure what I feel about this film...there's a lot of artistry going on with this film, but the subject matter is so repellent, it's very easy not to's my review: