Venom: Let There Be Carnage

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Words won't do justice to how much I hated the first Venom. The best thing that film produced was the song that Eminem did for the soundtrack. I went into this movie with little to no expectations so let's see how it fared.

The Good

Carnage: They nailed the look of Carnage. He looked badass, and it was pretty comic-accurate. And once he got going, he was straight-up destroying ****. They could have gone for a little bit more of a sadistic side from him, but these bitches didn't want to go R-rated. This movie certainly lacked a sadistic level, but they did enough to not make it a complete failure. His introduction and break out of the prison scene were great. He ****ed up a bunch of cops as well. They did a good job with Carnage, and the movie sucked without him.

Venom/Eddie (in the second half): The relationship between Eddie and Venom was great towards the end of the film. Venom was great when he was a bit more serious and not so over the top cartoony. I disagree that Venom should be such an emotional broad, but it works (somewhat). They had a couple of excellent one-liners in here that had me dying laughing.

Final fight: They learned from the mistake of the first one. In the first one, the last fight was a CGI ****fest. It was basically two black blobs going at it. It was pure ****. This one was actually Venom and actually Carnage fighting each other. It's a pretty good action scene. Add some funny one-liners, and this was a successful conclusion to the movie.

The bad.

Eddie/ Venom (the first half): In the first half, the relationship between Eddie and Venom is bad, and I'll just openly admit, I don't like that little comedy act between the two. Hence why I despise the first one. The second half is moving, and there is a real connection between the two. Eddie's the worst journalist ever. He cant figure out the most obvious ****. Cletus leaves so many clues behind, and Eddie just shrugs them all off and couldn't care less. Venom figures everything out. Venom is the world's greatest detective. He figured everything out real quick.

Pre Carnage: Before Carnage shows up, this movie is bad. The acting is terrible, looking at you, Woody Harrelson, and Donnie Whalberg lite, aka the guy who played Mulligan. It's boring. The comedy doesn't work. Cletus isn't interesting at all. His constant rhymes and rambles were annoying. It's only about 30-40 minutes long, but it's a painful 30-40 mins to sit through.

Cletus Kassidy: They really water down Cletus. Which I knew they were going to do. There was just no way that you can justify how ****ing messed up Carnage's and put it in a movie. Just look up some of the **** Cletus/Carnage has done, and oh boy, is it messed up. Cletus. Kasady is such a dangerous dude. In this, he's just kind of like a big baby. Wah I Just want a friend Wah.Shut up, Friends are overrated. They tried to make him so dangerous with him killing his mom and grandmother. I'd rather focus on the countless others he killed. How did he do it? Give me a better taste of how sick and twisted he is. They also screwed over their top villain by using a ****ing cartoon to really undermine how dangerous he can be. Give me some sort of flashback or something more realistic. That would have been the R-rated version, wouldn't it?

l Spoiler Alert:Screw you guys for killing Carnage and Cletus. I'd rather have them be defeated and separated so they could come back for another movie

l I didn't like Shriek and Cletus either. No need for romance in this movie.

Overall, this is vastly superior to that first one. It's good. It's not great. But it's at least a decent watch. I would even watch it again. I'd skip everything until Carnage comes in. But it has good action and some solid comedy, at times. Then there is that post-credits scene. WWWOOOOOOOO let's go, son. We got some **** going down, and I cannot wait for it. Spoiler hint, hint whatever the **** you want to call it. It teases a certain friendly neighborhood someone's fourth movie or Venom's third movie. Don't matter, don't care; I am there. Sure it could suck, but no need to kill my high on it right now. Anway Venom: Let There Be Carnage is a solid movie. 7.5.

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I read the last fight was a CGI fest that “goes on forever” and all this will be remembered for is as the vehicle for steering Venom into the MCU ...

I liked the Venom 2, better than first one