I remember watching this as a kid so it must have been made in early 90's / late 80's.
it was hallmark/lifetime movie quality and I never saw the end of it
It was about a family (Ofcourse the music was chirpy and it was set in happy times) and the parents left a party or event? only to place the kids in the back of the car
They thought theor young son was sleeping but when they got home they realized he was shot with a stray bullet to the head and he was dead
The police assumed it was the parents..
Thats all I remember as my parents didnt want me to stay up past my bedtime..
However I only got up to this part twice as it was a made for TV movie played after 8:30..back in the day when TV was good
For the life of me after all these years I cannot find it
any help is ever so much appreciated
Thank you