Okay, here's what I remember seeing:
A girl, most likely a little girl, was hanging on to a metal picket fence. The next camera shot showed her falling to the grass, her eyes closing as she landed, obviously knocked out. The next scene is people gathering around the girl. One man was on his knees and was probably grabbing his head in despair. Next shot showed some ambulances while the girl is now carried away in a stretcher by some paramedics. The last shot showed the girl in a hospital bed where she was still unconscious. The people where were gathered around are shown in her hospital room.

And some other additional details that may come in handy:
I saw this on a Spanish channel (forgot the name).
Dunno the exact year, but I at least know it was before 2010.
I asked this before and I know it's not "The Virgin Suicides". This scene takes place in daytime (not nighttime) and the girl didn't land ON TOP of the fence, just fell to the ground from hanging on it.