Dawn of the Dead (2004)

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In american style reporter terms - Whats the scoop with this film then?

Posted a link for the trailer in another post but thought this one would be good for discussing the film.

The trailer makes it look excellant but as far as im aware just your bog-standard classic zombie flick am i right? The original was about a bunch of people trapped in a shopping centre (or 'mall' as you guys call them) if im right wasn't it?

heres the link -

Dawn of the Dead

The trailer is very impresive
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The trailer looked amazing and terrifying...especially seeing it on the big screen.

Another neat looking movie is Shaun of the Dead. I hope you don't mind me killing two birds with one stone by posting the trailer here...

You need to enter the website and look at the forthcoming films. Shaun is there..
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I saw the trailer when I saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre in theatres. It looks great, and I can't wait until it comes out.
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I'll be looking forward to this film. The question that I'll be asking when I go to see it is "Will the remake beat Romero's original?"
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