Abrigo Nuclear / Nuclear Shelter (1981) - Roberto Pires

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Sinopsys: In the future, due to the radioactive polution of Earth's surface, it's population is forced to live underground, in nuclear shelters. These shelters are themselves powered by nuclear fission, which contributes even more to the radioactive polution of the surface.
A small resistance movement attempts a revolution to stop this practice, so that in the far future, their descendents could once again live on the Earth's surface.

Trailer created by me, using the original film's grim soundtrack:

The director's son created an Institute in memory of his late father, which hosts the complete restored film on it's You Tube channel, since 2015, but without any subtitles (the dialogues are spoken in brazilian portuguese):

I will hopefully write a review and commentary in a following post. However this film should only be regarded as a rare historical curiosity, not as a suggestion to watch (I will explain why on my review).

My opinion

The film director Roberto Pires was a good man, in pursuit of a cause, as a filmmaker he can be compared with the american director Stanley Kramer, as a person I will compare him to the swedish girl Greta Thunberg.

Roberto Pires risked his personal safety, by visiting a radioactive site in Brazil, for his 1990 documentary “Césio 137 – O pesadelo de Goiânia”, about a 1987 major radioactive incident, when a medical scanner was sent to a scrapyard, and some poor brazilian guy removed the encasement protecting the radioactive Cesium 137 Isotope source, while scavenging for scrap metal.

He died in 2001 with a cancer, that his family believes was a result of his exposure.

Roberto Pires is also the main actor in the film "Nuclear Shelter":

This film was made with virtually no-budget, with sets built by volunteers, and with actors that brought theirs spouses and children, to help the environmental cause.

On that note, the film crew did a wonderful job.

I greatly respect the message and effort of the film, but good intentions can only go so far...

In my opinion, the main issue of this film are the dialogues, which are infantile in the range of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" or some random kid's show like that, however the film was classified as "M/14" (only for 14 years of age or older).

Therefore, Roberto Pires needed a good screenwriter, not for the plot, which is good enough and very interesting, but for the dialogues. This flaw deeply damages the film's quality.

I made this topic, because the subject is interesting, and for the reader's general knowledge, but I don't recommend this work as entertainment, only as an historical curiosity, and as a tribute to Roberto Pires good intentions.