Question about the plot to Police Story (1985)


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I saw an English dubbed version of the movie, but I noticed that Jackie Chan's character's superior, is referred to as 'Uncle Bill'.

But in Rumble in the Bronx, the same actor is playing a character who is also Jackie Chan's uncle named Bill. So is this actor playing his uncle in Police Story as well then, or no, and they he is just an uncle in the dubbing?

Bill Tung Biu starred alongside Chan in numerous movies and is often referred to as Uncle Bill.

Biu was actually a jockey and horse racing commentator, and was referred to by his real name in quite a few films. Just happens that in Police Story and Bronx, he is actually playing Chan's Uncle.
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But is he always playing his uncle, or is he just a superior officer, in the police story series, and they are not related?

I'm guessing if he's referred to as Uncle Bill in the movie, he's playing Chan's Uncle.

Bill always plays characters called Bill though.